Revlon Tahitian Coast & Mayan Riviera

Howdie!  Oops, I missed posting yesterday!  Just for that I will show you 2 polishes in one post 😉  I’m also doing this because I can’t stand these polishes and they are no longer in my collection because of it, but thought I would share anyways because someone out there might like them.

Tahitian Coast


Mayan Riviera


Both pictures are 2 coats of each polish.  All I can say about the formula, application AND removal of these polishes is “GROSS!”  The formula is thick and gloopy and it gets worse as you are polishing, like instant thickening and drying.  And removal, wow!  I even tried the foil method (with my Julep Party’s Over Glitter Removal caps) and the polish did NOT want to come off.  The, after scrubbing the glitters (after sitting with the caps on for 10 minutes), there was glitter everywhere.  *sigh*  I guess I shouldn’t have had high hopes for these since they are basically a mix of different sized glitters in slightly tinted bases, and they are “drugstore” brand, which I don’t normally have an issue with.  If you like textures similar to Zoya Pixies or Julie G Gumdrops, these are definitely not for you.  The texture of these is SUPER gritty, they catch on everything and I have an all around dislike for them.  They are much prettier in the bottles on the store shelf, and that’s where they should stay if you want my honest opinion.

I did wonder about Mayan Riveria and a glitter gradient with it, so I tried it out over 2 colours (no top coat) – Sinful Colors Exotic Green (left) and Julep Laura (right).  They definitely look much better like this, but because they are so gloopy, I think application would be a pain in the butt to have it look right on all 10 nails.


Sorry Revlon, this collection is a major fail for me 😦  What do you guys think?  I can’t be bothered to keep these in my collection because I know I will NEVER use them again, and I don’t want to burden someone else with them, so these are headed into the garbage 😥  RIP polishes.


Christmas Nails #1

Hello and Happy Two Weeks till Christmas!!  I can’t believe we are so close!  Next week is my last week of work, and Tyler and I are getting our tree this weekend!  Yahoo!!  Now, let’s just hope that Owen doesn’t pull it down while we are away at work next week, and that I manage to get all my shopping done before it’s too late!
I know I promised a bunch of Christmas nails for the month of December, but I have lost my polish mojo.. again.  I have done a few, so I will start with posting the first one I did – 

This is a really simple one – 1 coat of Ninja Polish Candy Cane Floam over Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  I like how simple this is, but it looks so festive at the same time!
I really love the Floam polishes, and glad I was able to snag the ones I have.  Though I will say that the removal of them is a real pain.
Have you tried a Floam?  Which is your favourite version?

Swatch-It-Up-Saturday Nov 30

Evening!  I almost forgot to post this today!  Well, here we are on the last day of November, the Christmas season will start in full swing tomorrow, and I will be able to plug my Christmas lights in 😀  YAY!  Tyler and I put the outside lights up a few weekends ago, taking advantage of a warm day, but I haven’t been “allowed” to turn them on until December 1st.
It’s Swatch-It-Up-Saturday and I have a LOT of catching up to do.  This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so let’s get right to it.
This is 2 coats of butter LONDON Jack the Lad.  I love this green!  It’s a perfect Christmas-y green polish, and it applied super smoothly.  And a bonus?  It removed just as easy as a creme even though it’s full of microglitters!
This is 2 coats of China Glaze Blue Bells Ring.  I love the colour of this polish, however it wasn’t the easiest to apply or take off.  The brush streaked the polish pretty bad, so there were some silver streaks through the polish even though you can’t see it in the picture.  This is also a stainer – the skin around my nails look like I beat up a smurf!  It’s not quite as bright as it’s showing in the picture, but it does glow 😀

This is 2 coats of China Glaze Get Carried Away.  I really love this polish!  It’s black, silver and rose-gold hex glitters, microglitters, and black bar glitters in a black jelly base.  You could layer this over black, but I think it looks great on its own over bare nails too 🙂
This is 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann Raspberry Beret.  I just want to take a moment to say that I love the mini Deborah Lippmann polish bottles!  They are just so cute!  This polish is GOR-GEOUS!!!  I think this is one of my top favourite polishes in my collection!   This is a raspberry jelly polish jam-packed with flakie glitters.  It reminds me of raspberry jam on my nails 😀  Om nom nom!
This is 2 coats of Elixir Lacquers With a K.  It’s a perfect pink jelly polish loaded with holo micro and hex glitters.  The pictures shown on the listing for this polish are very deceiving.  This is a bright pink polish, it makes me think of “bedazzled Barbie” 😀  I put this on in October for Breast Cancer Awareness.. and you can tell from that just how long I have been stashing pictures!
This is 3 coats of Girly Bits Glo Worm.  I got this for my youngest sister for Christmas last year, without knowing that she was more of a pink polish person.  So I told her that if she doesn’t want it, I want to add it to my stash 😉  I’m glad I did, I love this!  It’s highligher-bright green jelly polish with a gold shimmer throughout.  This is definitely unique in my stash, and can’t wait to see what else I can come up with for this one.  You can find Girly Bits polish on the Girly Bits online store.
This is 2 coats (1 regular, 1 thick/dabbing) of Julep Erica, the mystery glitter polish from the Julep New Year’s Eve Mystery Box last year, and my first time using it.. I know, I know!!  This is a stunning black, brown and silver full coverage glitter.  I love it, and not just because it’s my (correctly spelled) namesake polish, it’s gorgeous!  I wore this without a top coat because I figured it would gobble up the top coat like no tomorrow 🙂 
This is 2 coats of Julep Karmen.  I really love this polish, it’s perfect for fall!  It’s a gorgeous deep red polish with gold shimmer.  It applied super easy, and no staining.  It’s like fall in a bottle, and I think this might be a close runner-up for a wedding polish colour 😉

This is 2 coats of Julep Kennedy.  I wasn’t too sure about this polish, but when I put it on I actually liked it.  This is one of the most surprising polishes in my collection. This applied great, and while the first coat was a little streaky, the second coat evened everything out 🙂

This is 2 coats of Julep Nadia.  Again, a surprising polish.  I am not a fan of the colour yellow in general, but yellow polishes tend to draw me in for some reason.  I love the shimmer in this polish.  The only downside to this polish is that it did stain my nails a little bit, so just a word of caution to you 🙂  The shimmer in this polish is perfect, and I think this will make a great Christmas polish 😀

This is 2 coats of Julep Sadie, one of the Sea Salt polishes.  I love this polish!  It’s gorgeous!  Many people have mentioned that this is very similar, if not the same, as Zoya Dahlia.  The sparkle in this polish is perfect, and catches the light just right.  I really love textured polishes, and this is one of my favourites 🙂

This is 2 coats of JulieG Mistletoe!  I love me some JulieG textured polishes.  This is one of the polishes from the Holiday Frosted Gumdrops collection that was just released.  This is a perfect Christmas green polish, and applied perfect, as is typical of the other JulieG Gumdrop polishes.
This is 2 coats of OPI Get Your Number.  I like this polish, but after wearing it, I decided it just wasn’t for me.  The base is very jelly-like, as you can tell from the visible nail line in the pictures.  It’s not as visible in person.  I do love the shimmer of this polish, and the texture is nice and fine, not too gritty.  I prefer the JulieG Gumdrop polishes over this, and the other OPI Liquid Sands polishes I have tried. 
This is 2 coats of Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  This is a great holiday green polish.  I used it in lots of nail art last year for Christmas nails throughout December, but this is the first time I have used it as a base for anything.  The application of this polish is great – and this polish is great for water marbling!
Well, that wraps up Swatch-It-Up-Saturday for this week.  Sorry it took me so long to get a post up, but as you can see, I have been busy working on swatches.

Fall Waterfall Mani

Evening ladies and gents!  I hope everyone enjoyed their week.  I had to work today, so I didn’t have any time to work on blog posts, so hopefully I will have time tomorrow to do up the Swatch-It-Saturday post tomorrow morning.

I put on Julep Alma on Wednesday night and at first I was kind of grossed out by the colour (I will go into that more in my swatch post tomorrow), but then I got thinking about what kind of nail art I could do over it and this is what I came up with!

This is 2 coats of Julep Alma, and then using a nail art brush with Julep Zoe and Parker, Jordana Black, and Sinful Colors Exotic Green, I created a waterfall mani, inspired by The Nailasaurus.

This mani was a lot easier to create than I expected – I usually get intimidated by designs like this because I never know if they are going to turn out, and then when I do them I think “why didn’t I try this sooner?!”

I think the addition of the fall/Hallowe’en-ish colours definitely improve Alma’s appearance, and I love the combination of the colours together!

What do you think?  Do you like The Nailasaurus’s waterfall manis?  Have you ever tried one?

Holly-day Nails

Good evening beautiful readers!  I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening, I only have 4 days of work left before I am off on Christmas holidays and there are only 9 days until the big day!
As I was on my way home from finishing my Christmas shopping (yep, I’m DONE!), I heard the song White Christmas by Paul Brandt and I couldn’t help thinking to myself how much I can relate to the first lines of the song
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
just like the ones I used to know.”
For those of us in South-Central Ontario to have no snow and less than 10 days until Christmas, it’s a sad, sad thing … in my opinion anyways!  Most people I know are OK with the no snow part, but me, I want it so bad I’m considering buying myself a snow machine for Christmas!  😀  (How sweet would that be?!)
Anywho, I did white nails yesterday for peace, in honour of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, USA that happened on Friday.  I took those nails and was able to add some Christmas cheer to them 🙂

For this look I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, topped with Julep Melissa to give it a pearly finish 🙂  Then, using a toothpick I applied “V”s, sort of like you do when drawing birds in the sky, with Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  I did 2 of those, connecting the top one to the middle of the bottom one, and then a line sticking out the top to make the holly leaves.  Then, with the toothpick, I used Avon Cherry Jubilee to create the holly berries in a group of 3 🙂
These are simple and chic, yet Christmasy enough to bring a smile to my face 🙂  I was going to do them on all my nails but wanted to keep it clean so I only did them as accent nails.
Are you tired of Christmas nails yet?  I”m sure not!  I could do them all year, but imagine how much red, white and green polish one would go through!!

Nail Polish Canada Nail Art Challenge Week 3

Hello lovely ladies!  I apologize that I haven’t been posting regularly the last few days 😦  December is proving to be a busy month 🙂
I went and got some Christmas shopping done yesterday, I’m pretty well done, just need to do a little more thinking to come up with something for one more person and go get a couple more things and I’m done 🙂  Then I get to wrap them!!!  That’s my favourite part!  I just have to think about how I’m going to bling out my gifts this year 😀
Today is the last day of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday Nail Art Challenge.  This has been lots of fun doing these designs 🙂  This week’s theme is “Trim the Tree”.  I knew I had to do a full mani with the water marble Christmas trees I did from last week.  I also received Ninja Polish No Peeking this week, so I wanted to incorporate that too!

This didn’t turn out quite like I pictured in my mind, I definitely like the trees I did in my “Presents” mani for last week, but I have run out of time and can’t re-do it, so I just rolled with it 🙂
For my marble I used Sinful Colors Exotic Green, Avon Electric Green and OPI Who the Shrek Are You?. I think that Exotic Green and Electric Green are too close in colour to marble together for a Christmas tree.  For the trimmings I used Avon Ruby Slippers and rhinestones.  I also fished for some star glitters from Ninja Polish No Peeking 🙂
My accent nails are Zoya Logan with Ninja Polish No Peeking.  This is an awesome Christmas glitter, and I love it!  I would love to wear this every day of December!
Don’t forget head over to the collaboration of all the bloggers participating in the Nail Polish Canada Nail Art Challenge to vote for your favourite 🙂
Thank you to Nail Polish Canada for hosting this Nail Art Challenge, it’s been a lot of fun!  And congratulations to all the girls who participated in this Challenge, everyone did a great job!