Zoya Chita

Morning, morning!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Tyler and I went to a Barrie Colts hockey game with his friend and his friend’s younger brother on Saturday night.  It was Tyler’s first in-person hockey game (*gasp!!*) so it was fun for him, and it was nice to go out and do something.  We don’t usually do much on weekends, so it was a nice change.

Today I have Zoya Chita for you.  Every time I think of this name in my head I say it like “cheetah” – is it that way or “Chih-tah”?  Anyone know?  That’s today’s conundrum 😉  This was another polish I did for Two Weeks of Textures.


I love Pixies!  This is 2 easy coats of Chita, I have to say, of all the textures out there, Zoyas are definitely the best – the original Pixies that is.  Now they have the Magical Pixies, which I like but not as much as the originals, and I haven’t tried the new Ultra Pixies but I know I won’t like them because of the larger glitters in them so I’m not bothering to get them.  This polish looks a lot like Julie G Mistletoe, so I will have to remember *makes mental note* to do a comparison of them – maybe in December 🙂


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