Life Update

Hello dear readers!  How many of you are still around and waiting for me to return??  I’m sure most of you gave up hope on me, and I’m sorry for that.

For the last year, Tyler and I have been working on planning our wedding, and we got married last Saturday, October 4.  Long story short, it was the most amazing day of my life, and while it was tiring I wish I could relive it over and over again.  It was just so perfect!

We had the rehearsal on the Friday night – we went over to the golf course to do a couple run-throughs of the ceremony and then went back to mom and dad’s for a homemade lasagna dinner.  The boys stayed there over night and the girls and I came back to our house to hang out and do mani-pedis.  I didn’t get my own done Friday night, so I did them Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the girls and I went back to the golf course for 9am to start getting our hair and makeup done.  While a couple of the other girls were getting all dolled up, my Matron of Honour and I went down to the reception room to decorate our arbour and set out the decorations.  We decided to have the ceremony inside because the temperatures were hovering just above freezing and they were calling for rain.

Let’s get to the photos, shall we?  These are just photos taken by guests, but I will try to do another update post with photos from the photographer when I get them 😀

Feel free to click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged version.

All in all, everything ran so perfectly and smoothly.  I cannot thank the golf course, the photographer, the bakery we got our cake from, the flower shop we got our flowers from, the Pastor, or our guests enough for making our day so special.

I also got a new engagement ring and wedding band set for the special occasion.  It’s so pretty and sparkly, I am constantly admiring it and letting the diamonds twinkle in the light 😉


So, that’s where my mind has been for the past year.  I hope to get back to posting on here more regularly again.  I am still posting on Instagram, so make sure to follow me there!  I will be updating the blog with the manis/swatches I have done recently.  They are what you have already seen on Instagram, but at least it’s somethin’, right??  I also have to recreate the mani I did for the wedding cause believe it or not .. I didn’t ACTUALLY get a picture of my nails on the big day…


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