Weekly Recap Aug 8

Evening, folks!!  Sorry this post is so late.  I was at the dentist this morning for a cavity filling, polishing and candy-making this afternoon, and just got back from taking Owen and Lexi for a walk with Tyler.

Since last Friday, I have been working along with Tina and a few other girls on August is Indie Month untried polish challenge that Tina has set up.  She has set a different indie polish maker for each day of the month of August, but since I don’t have most of the ones listed on her list, I am just doing the ones I can on the assigned day and filling in the days with my other indie polishes.

Let’s get started, shall we?

August 1 – Eugene Malibu Electric Zoo

This is 3 coats of Eugene Malibu Electric Zoo.  This polish is really pretty, but honestly, nothing “wow” for me.  It was hard to capture the glitter in this polish, but there is a sparkle to this as well.  The formula was thin but jelly-ish/thick, but it wasn’t goopy and was pretty easy to work with.  It’s hard to describe, really.

August 2 – Eugene Malibu Hot Shimama

This is 2 coats of Eugene Malibu Hot Shimama over bare nail.  This polish was a pain to work with.  It is thick with iridescent flakies and neon pink squares.  I think I would layer this over a nude polish next time because it will really discolour any other base colour.  This was also a b$%^@ to remove!  The flakie glitters stayed on the nail, even after soaking off with the Julep Party’s Over glitter removal kit for about 10 minutes.

August 3 – Eugene Malibu Mysteryland (over Essie Urban Jungle)
IMG_20140803_101422 IMG_20140803_113756

This is one dabbed-on coat of Eugene Malibu Mysteryland.  This is a really cute glitter topper.  It’s full of the same neon pink squares that were in Hot Shimama, small medium pink squares, light blue circles, holo shards, and pink bows.  I did have to fish for the bows, but other than that it applied great.  It does require the dabbing technique though.  The bows stick up and catch on things, but other than that, I have no complaints about this polish.  The base is a touch thick, but nothing too bad.

The base coat of Essie Urban Jungle was 3 coats of the typical “watery” Essie formula.  I actually really love this polish.  It’s a perfect neutral polish for a palette cleanser or a base for glitters and/or nail art.  I’m really glad I got this polish as part of my Monthly Nail subscription box.

Eugene Malibu polishes can be purchased through The Monthly Nail’s subscription or online store.  I did sign up for their subscription, but I was not overly impressed.  I started my subscription and paid for my box on May 11th.  I didn’t realize that the box would ship out at the beginning of the next month after being charged, unless you paid $3.99 for a “rush” order.  When the beginning of June rolled around, I started messaging The Monthly Nail on Facebook to see about my order and what the hold up was.  After my experience with Bondi (that’s another story!), I am very cautious about jumping into things feet first without looking, and I hoped this would be a great new subscription for me.  I was told that it would be shipping out soon, that they had run out of materials to make up the orders for the month.  Okay, I understand that.  Another week went by and I still didn’t have any shipping information so I messaged again stating that I would have to file a claim through PayPal if I didn’t receive my order by mid-June, and was told that I would get it shortly.  I finally got shipping information and did actually get my box just before the 45-day cut off from PayPal.  Would I order again, probably not.  Would I recommend them, eh.. I would definitely forewarn the person interested of my personal experience and recommend that they purchase a polish rather than the subscription to start.  I have also noticed that they have not posted anything on their Facebook page and Instagram since June 10, so if you are interested in any of their polish, I would definitely be VERY WARY.  And if you do purchase, make sure to do it through PayPal so you have your 45-Day Buyer’s Protection.

August 4 – 365 Days of Color Fields of Lavender

This is 3 coats of 365 Days of Color Fields of Lavender.  I really love this polish, it’s a perfect shade of lavender with a hint of scattered holo glitter.  The formula is a little thin and watery, but it is buildable with 3 coats.  This is such a pretty colour, and I think it may have squashed my sadness about not getting Enchanted Polish Love the Way You Lilac at a somewhat reasonable price.  Unfortunately, Sunny is no longer making polishes as she will be entering into a dental assistant placement in the fall which is going to take up too much time and made a decision to not make polishes anymore.  However, if you know about her awesome nail and hand care products (balms, oils, scrubs, lotions, etc.), she is still making those so you aren’t out of luck there!  Make sure to check out her online shop if you are in the market for nail and hand care products!  Keep up with Sunny through her Facebook page and Instagram!

August 5 – Aly’s Dream Polish Who Sencha?

This is 2 coats of Aly’s Dream Polish Who Sencha?.  Good Lord, I love these polishes!  They apply so smoothly and the scattered holo finish they all have is absolutely perfect.  This polish is more sea green-ish in person.  Think Crayola’s sea green crayon colour.  It was hard to get a good picture of the true colour, and of the holo.  If you love holo polishes, you need some Aly’s in your life!  They are not linear holos, so don’t expect the holo to rival that of the Color Club holos, but I actually prefer Aly’s scattered holo to Color Club’s linear holo 😉

August 6 – Aly’s Dream Polish Bayouberry

This is 2 coats of Aly’s Dream Polish Bayouberry.  It could have maybe used a third coat, but it is fine with 2.  This is a perfect sky blue polish with the typical Aly’s scattered holo and perfect formula.  I can’t say enough about how much I love Aly’s polishes!

Aly’s Dream Polishes can be purchased through the online store.  Ashley has taken a bit of a sabbatical due to health reasons, but I really hope she is soon back at it because I need more pretties!!!  Make sure to keep up with her Facebook page and Instagram!

August 7 – Sindie POP Kiss Me By The Fireplace

This is 2 coats of Sindie POP Kiss Me By The Fireplace from her Christmas 2013 collection.  All I have to say about this polish is “Oh Em Gee!”  If I could have only one polish for the rest of my life, this would be it!  The application was perfect.  This is a full-on glitter bomb with red and purple small and tiny hexes in a white crelly base.  This polish is just SO beautiful, it was all I could do to take it off for the next day.  It came off really well with Julep’s Party’s Over glitter removal kit, or the aluminum foil method would work as well.  I highly recommend the Party’s Over kit, so worth the money for the easy to apply reusable finger caps.

August 8 – Sindie Pop Mr. Freeze

This is 2 coats of Sindie Pop Mr. Freeze.  The application of this was just as perfect as Kiss Me By The Fireplace.  This polish is chuck-full of medium blue and light blue small and tiny hexes in a white crelly base.  I am falling in love with the polishes from this colllection, they are just so perfect!  I am in love with all the colour combinations and just how glitter-packed they are!

Sindie Pop polishes can be purchased through her online store, and she’s got so many beautiful creations!  The only downside is that she doesn’t ship outside of the US, so I do have to use my (super awesome) US mule for any of my Sindie Pop “fixes” 😉  Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date!  Now, I’m off to make my wishlist 😉  That’s code for “BUY. ALL. THE. POLISHES!!”

No pedicure again this week.  I didn’t have time to do one today, my toenails have been naked for the past week 😉

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