Weekly Recap Jul 7

Hey, hey, hey!  Sorry I didn’t get a post up on Friday.  We had Miss Lexi spayed on Wednesday last week, so I spent Friday keeping an eye on her, making sure she wasn’t being bad and running around like the nut she is.  I must say, she is doing awesome, and if I had gone through what she’s been through, I would be in bed in the fetal position for the next month.  She also had her 2 dew claws on her back feet removed at the same time, so I can only imagine the pain she was in Wednesday night.

Here she is on Wednesday night, after her surgery.  She loves laying on the back of the chairs in the living room that face the street.  It’s her “happy place”.  Even with stitches in her belly and feet, she still climbed up and nestled in.  Doctor’s orders, she was not allowed to climb stairs that night, so Tyler carried her up to bed.

And, here she is with her cone on.  She hates it, but she is getting used to it and can find more comfortable ways to lay with it on.  Tyler keeps calling her “Cone Head” when she has it on.  He’s so mean, lol.  She has even discovered she can still play with it on, though she can’t hold the toy down with her front paws, lol!

She’s so cute, and she’s quite a trooper 😀

Let’s get to the nails from the past week, shall we?  First we’ll finish up with the last couple polishes from Tina’s June is Julep Month challenge.

Saturday June 28 – Coral/Peach – Julep Saaya
This is yet another winner in my books from the May Maven Box.  The formula was a touch thick, but nothing that was too tricky to work with.  This is 2 coats.  I love the shimmer in all of the polishes from the May box, and Saaya doesn’t disappoint.  This is a gorgeous peach shade that makes for great summer manis!

Sunday, June 29 – Pearl – Julep Brenda
I wanted to use Melissa for today, but the goal of this challenge is to use untried polishes, and I have used Melissa already.  Brenda was from the Naughty and Nice Mystery Boxes from December.  This polish would be best worn over a base colour, but I decided to wear it on its own to see what it looked like.  It’s a pearly glitter/shimmer, and I have shown two coats.  It was interesting because it looks like a completely different polish in the shade – it takes on a brassy-gold glitter look.  If you’re looking for an interesting topper/effect polish, you should try this one.

And that’s all I have for the Challenge.  The last day was “Dusty Blue”, but I don’t have any untried dusty blue Julep polishes.

I’ll be honest, during the challenge, I was really itching to use my other polishes from time to time, though for the most part it was pretty easy to stay on track.  Here’s what I have worn up until what I put on last night after doing all my cleaning and yardwork:

Zoya Jacqueline
Zoya Jacqueline is a really pretty butter-yellow-ish-nude polish that required 3 coats.  I got this polish from the Canadian travelling polish box.  It’s a refreshing colour after wearing bright colours, like a breath of fresh air.  I did do some nail art on these, but it was a “fail” in my book, so I’m going to try to redo them soon.  *Hint* it has to do with the fact that I have been informed that it’s Snail Hunting Season yet again in my flower beds …

Zoya Bar
Zoya Bar is one of the new Spring Magical Pixies.  When Zoya first brought out the Magical Pixies, I said “nope” to them because of the larger glitters in them.  I didn’t like the OPI Liquid Sands because they have the hex glitters in them so I didn’t want to waste my money getting these.  Whelp, here we are, lol!  I love that the hex glitters in the Magical Pixies are holographic rather than just the same colour as the polish.  This is 2 coats of Bar – it is a jelly polish with texture and hex glitters.  It has a VERY rough texture, nothing like the Pixies, or Julie G’s Gumdrop polishes.  I’m on the fence.  I’m not sure if it’s the colour I don’t like or the texture of it.  I got the other 2 as well, Arlo and Ginni, so we’ll see how I feel about those.

Orly Cotton Candy
Orly Cotton Candy is my new favourite “bubblegum” pink.  Amber from Timeless Topcoats sent this to me in my 2013 Birthday box and I am just getting around to using it now .. *hangs head* yeah … Although, my sister has used it a couple times 😉  This was a really easy application, but I can’t remember whether I used 2 or 3 coats.  I think it was 3 just to even everything out.  Definitely a polish you should pick up if you like pinks 🙂

Essie Sunday Funday
Essie Sunday Funday is my new favourite coral, not that I have a lot in my collection.  It is a perfect mix of pink and orange, and the added shimmer is just the cherry on top.  I have been meaning to finish the Nautical collection for a while now, since I got Naughty Nautical (teal) and The Girls Are Out (pink).  I recently acquired the other 4 and my first pick to try was this 😀  This is 2 easy coats.

Julep Hayden
Last up is Julep Hayden.  This polish seems to be really hard to find in the polish community.  This colour was once named Amanda, but Julep changed the name and left the colour the same.  Hate that!  Anyways, this is 2 easy coats of Hayden over bare nail (no white polish undies) with a top coat.  It is brighter in person, it’s like a neon pastel, and is ever so slightly more pink-toned.  I had no issue with dragging with this, like a pastel polish typically has.  This really is a perfect summer polish.  I even have a back up just in case I run out 😀

I didn’t do my toenails this week.  I am doing a week of soaking with Julep Mint Condition pedi lotion at night to get rid of the icky dry, pitted skin on the bottoms of my feet 🙂


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