Weekly Recap June 27

Happy Friday!!  It’s the Friday of the Canada Day long weekend and I have been very busy today getting some stuff done around the house, but it’s a beautiful day and that makes it all worth it 🙂

I’m going to recap the manis I did for the week for Tina’s Month of Julep challenge.  I pulled a complete blonde moment and put the wrong polish on for Sunday and it completely screwed up my week, lol!  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Saturday, June 21 – Mint – Julep Kam


This is 2 coats of Julep Kam, which is a perfect mint-teal green polish.  This is another polish from the May Maven box and it’s one of my new favourites.  So far, every polish I have tried from that collection has been a winner in my books.  I thought that I would do a little nail art since I haven’t done some in a while.  I used my white LA Colors striping polish to put 3 white stripes on each nail, then used a dotting tool with Julep Tina and Sinful Colors Jaune Pastel to create 2 flowers on my ring and thumb nails, on *gasp* both hands!

Sunday, June 22 – Dark Pink – Julep Nellie

So, I fibbed – I did this this morning, but it was meant for Sunday 😉  This is a gorgeous more-purple-ish-in-real-life dark pink cream polish that has a super smooth application.  I had no issues with this polish whatsoever.

Monday, June 23 – Grey – Julep Daria

Julep Daria is 2 coats of awesome dark-ish grey creme that applied like butter.  This one had the older brush from Julep, it’s a smaller brush and I like it better than the newer, wider brushes.  This is another one I did this morning, trying to catch up on the challenge.

Tuesday, June 24 – Yellow – Julep Catrina

Julep Catrina is a perfect dandelion yellow, which is a touch more orange in person than in the photos.  This required 3 coats to be fully opaque, but it was totally worth it.  This is seriously a perfect yellow!  I really love it!!

Wednesday, June 25 – Burgundy/Plum – Julep Evelyn (happy 6 months till Christmas!)

This polish is SO beautiful.  This is 2 coats of perfection.  This is one of my new favourite polishes, it’s very classy.  The formula on this one was perfect and easy to work with.  If you don’t have a favourite burgundy/plum polish, you should definitely pick this one up.

Thursday, June 26 – Gold – didn’t do 😦

I don’t have an untried gold polish from Julep, so I didn’t do gold day.

Friday, June 27  – Holographic – Julep Joelle
First of all, WOW!!  This polish is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!  I don’t know why I waited so long to wear this polish.  This is 3 coats for full coverage.  I purposely took the picture blurry so that I could show you the holo-ness of this glitter, but even though this looks stunning in the picture, no picture could ever do justice to this polish.  I think I’m going to try this again with one of the Zoya jelly polishes in a holo jelly sandwich.  I think that will look awesome.

And that’s it for manis this week.  I hope that all my Canadian readers have a great Canada Day weekend!  I don’t have to go to work until Wednesday – yay for 5-day weekends!! 😀

PEDI PICTURE TO FOLLOW!  If you don’t like feet, stop reading here 😉

I put Essie Butler Please on my toes today.  I was feeling “vibrant blue” for toes today, so I went with the boldest blue in my collection.  This polish started out a little streaky, but with a second coat everything evened out beautifully.  That’s one thing I find with Essies – they are a thinner formula and are usually a little streaky for the first coat, but they usually even out after 2.  It’s a touch darker in person, but it’s definitely bold and makes a statement!

Essie Butler Please Toes

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap June 27

    • They are all great! I think my favourites are Kam and Joelle from this round of them.
      It was so much fun doing the Month of Julep with Tina, but I’m back to a point where I need to do another month just to get through my untried Juleps again! YIKES!

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