Hallowe’en Mani #2

Hey everyone!  Hopefully you are enjoying the last day of your weekend – I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow 😦  I thought I would take today to do up some blog posts so that I have something to post for the rest of the week, since I have been slacking on that, hardcore!
Today I have my Hallowe’en Mani #2 for you 😀  I love the way this one came out, so let’s take a look!
For this, I applied one coat of Different Dimension Bazinga! (from the Big Bang Theory collection) over 2 coats of China Glaze Ingrid.  The combination felt very fall/Hallowe’en-ish to me, and I loved the way it looked!  With it being Stamping week for COTW on my Facebook group (I think we are changing it to Mani Of The Week – MOTW), I decided to stamp the little devil guys from BM-305 and Julep Mystery Yellow.  This polish stamped surprisingly well 🙂  They are just so cute!
Then I decided to see what it looked like mattified, and I love it even more!
I really love stamping, it makes nail art so easy!  This is also my first time stamping over a glitter, and while I see it on a couple of the blogs that I follow, I have never tried it because I was afraid that when I did it, the stamping would take away from the glitter.  In this case, I think it definitely added to it 😀
That’s it for today!  What do you think of my little guys??  I think they are just so cute!!  Alright, I’m off to work on some more post drafts right now!

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