Y is for Yin Yang

Howdie!  Has anyone else had a long week??  I’m glad it’s over!  Today I have the 2nd last ABC Nail Art Challenge post for you – my “Y” mani!

Y is for Yin Yang


For this I started with 3 coats of Ruby Wing Birdie (yellow), and then with a nail art brush, I painted an “S” shape along the length of my nails and filled in one half with Ruby Wing Zen Garden.  Then, used my biggest dotting tool (still sending thanks to Lauri for my dotting tools!) I did a dot with the opposite colour on each side of the “S” to create the yin yangs.

Now, here is the SUPER FUN PART!!!  Ruby Wing polishes are all colour changing, and they change in UV light (sunlight).  The picture above is the colours indoor/not in the sun, and the picture I’m about to show you is in sunlight!  I had to use my UV gel lamp to create the colour change because (of course) I picked the cloudiest day of the week to do these.  Check it out!

Outside/in direct sunlight
Pretty sweet, huh?!  These polishes have been untried for about a year.. and now I’m regretting it.  I found them at Winners, and now of course they don’t have them anymore, at least not the last few times I have been there.  When I decide to get some more, I will be able to get them from Nail Polish Canada 😀
Birdie, a gorgeous butter yellow changed to a bright, bold orange, perfect for fall.  Zen Garden, a muted lavender, changed to a rich chocolate brown, again perfect for fall.
I will be trying to wear both of these polishes more often as they are SO fun!  I also want to try to get some more of them in my collection 😀  I have been eyeing the new Cupcakes & Champagne collection since it was released 🙂
Make sure to share your “Y” mani on my Facebook page!  And next week is the last week of the Challenge, the letter “Z”!

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