Jamberry vs. Nail Polish Survival Test

Hello lovely readers!  I have something a little different for you today.  Shea over at OMG Wait What Polish Is That is a Jamberry Nail Shields consultant, and she posted on her Jamberry Facebook page about a 7-day challenge using a Jamberry Nail Shield and nail polish.  I thought it would be cool to try it out, so I said I would do it 🙂  I bought some Jamberry Nail Shields a while back and have only used one shield on my big toenails, so this is my first time using them on my fingernails.  Come check out my results!

Shea asked me what nail shield design I wanted, and I told her to surprise me.  When I got the parcel in the mail, the shield she sent me is called French Pepper.  Now, my first impression of this design was “it looks like a bandaid”, but I shouldn’t complain because I left it up to Shea to choose a design 🙂  I had a bit of an issue finding a polish that worked with this shield, but I finally picked one – I decided on Julep Tina, a gorgeous purple creme that I believe has a tiny bit of a shimmer to it, but it’s not overly obvious on the nail.  I applied the mani last Saturday afternoon.

Day 1 – Left Hand
Day 1 Right Hand
When I applied, these, I applied my Avonn Cuticle Remover and pushed my cuticles back, and then I sprayed my nails with 70% rubbing alcohol and let dry.  Then cut the Jamberry Nail Shield in half so I could use one shield for 2 nails (middle finger on each hand) and held it upside down over the rice bag (like a Magic Bag) that I heated in the microwave.  I stuck it to the nail, and then using some pressure to seal the shield to the nail, rubbed the warm rice bag over my nail.  I did this until all the edges were sealed to the nail and there were no puckers.
Unfortunately, a couple hours later there were some parts of the shield that had begun to lift.  So I warmed up my rice bag again and smoothed the shields onto my nails again.  I also had to do this the next day (Sunday) and Tuesday.  I needed to do it a few times after that, but with the amount of lifting that was occurring, the shields were getting dirt and water under them, so I didn’t figure it would do any good to reheat them, so I didn’t bother.  And by this morning, I couldn’t wait to get the shields off my nails!  Even putting my hair in a ponytail caused hair to get stuck under the shield and pulled out a few strands of hair.  Not my idea of fun 😦
Here are what they looked like this morning before I took them off:
Day 7 Left Hand
Day 7 Left Hand
Day 7 Left Hand
Day 7 Left Hand
Day 7 Right Hand
Day 7 Right Hand
Day 7 Right Hand
Day 7 Right Hand
As you can see, the Jamberry Nail Shields are both in quite a state by the end of the week, but the polish is still basically perfect.  Now, I will say, my polish does NOT normally last this long!  I don’t normally spray rubbing alcohol on my nails before polishing, so I’m wondering if that is the reason it lasted this long.  I will be trying this from now on, though I don’t normally leave polish on for a week at a time 🙂
So, my conclusion with this Challenge is that while Jamberry advertises that the nail shields last 14 days, I have to disagree.  For me, they really only lasted a couple days, but I did leave them on for the entire week for the Challenge.  I will be trying these again as I do have more nail shields in my stash, but I don’t think that they are something I will buy more of, if not for the fact that they don’t last then because I normally can’t stand having the same polish/nail design on for more than a couple days at the most.  Therefore, they are not really worth the money for me.
If you are interested in buying some Jamberry Nail Shields, make sure to head over to Shea’s Jamberry site to place your order.  They are only shipping to the US right now, but in September, they are coming to Canada!  If you are in Canada, you can e-mail Shea and arrange something, I’m sure!  They have an on-going sale of Buy 3 Get 1 Free, so you will get 4 sheets of nail shields for $45USD + shipping.

6 thoughts on “Jamberry vs. Nail Polish Survival Test

  1. Oh no. Well, at least the polish looks good. That seems to be a lot of work..and money.. for such a low performing product (Jamberry). Thank you for that very realistic comparison of polish/Jamberry, Erica. I would've pulled them off by day 2!

  2. Eek, this challenge looks like a fail! except it did make me want Julep Tina haha 🙂 The acetone trick is great, although I take off my polish pretty fast as well!


  3. I like the Sally Hansen ones better too. They feel more “natural”, if that's the right word to use… they feel more like polish on the nail rather than a plastic/vinyl sticker.

  4. I was pretty impressed with the polish survival actually. Normally, if I leave my polish on for a few days it's chipped all to heck, but this time it really lasted! I'm going to have to spray my nails with rubbing alcohol from now on and see if that is the trick 😀
    I will definitely be trying the Jamberrys again, it could have been user error, or the fact that my nails aren't the right shape for the Jamberrys, but just from this challenge, I can't see myself recommending them :\

  5. Tina is a gorgeous colour, and with purple being my favourite of all colours, it hit all the right buttons for me 😀 I was kind of sad that the Jamberry didn't last like advertized, but I'm going to try them again in the future to see if I can improve on my application and wear of them 🙂 Maybe there are some tricks for them that I have to research 😉

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