J is for Jigsaw

Happy Monday folks!  Sorry I have been MIA for the last little bit.  I had a quick post the other day just as a “here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few days” check-in.  If you missed it, Tyler and I bought our house! I my post from Wednesday, I told you that we walked from the house that we put an offer on the week before because of some issues that we saw in our inspection.  This past Friday, we went back with our real estate agent to look at the work that the homeowner had put into the house, and our agent was happy with the work that had been done so far and the work that was to be finished.  Tyler and I agreed and re-opened our offer in the house and it was accepted within an hour!!  Moving day is still June 22, so I will still be posting irregularly as I get my stuff packed up and everything figured out.  I’m excited but nervous at the same time 🙂
Onto the nails.  Today’s post is my J mani for the ABC Challenge.  I apologize for not getting an I mani up last week, but I was on a major emotional roller coaster all week, and it was Sunday before I knew it!
J is for Jigsaw

For this design I used Julep Joy and Jodie.  This is my first time doing a jigsaw mani and I have to say “holy cow it’s SUPER easy!”
Joy is a beautiful dusty rose colour, swatch to come later.  Jodie is a gorgeous I’ll say cranberry colour with a gold shimmer through it.  I got Jodie from a Julep Giveaway from the Travelling Polish Box group I am in.  There were just too many Julep polishes in the box at the end, so the “admin” of the box, Kristy from Saturday Swatch decided to do a giveaway to all the participants of the round, and I won 😀
Jigsaw nails are really easy:
  1. Paint your base colour and let dry completely.
  2. Using tape (I used clear scotch tape), tape off 2 opposite corners of your nail.
  3. Paint your opposite colours over the untaped area.
  4. Carefully remove tape.
  5. Using a dotting tool, place dots over opposite colour while overlapping the join to create your puzzle piece.  Continue with both colours for all 4 sections of the design.
  6. Seal with a top coat.
Here is a pictorial for them:
Have you tried jigsaw nails?  What colour combination would you use?

6 thoughts on “J is for Jigsaw

  1. Joy is really pretty! It's a perfect dusty rose for anyone looking for one!
    And thanks 😀 I can't smile any wider when I think about moving in 2.5 weeks, though I am still pretty nervous cause I don't know what all I have to get organized in the meantime, lol! I'm a list-maker and I make lists of lists of lists 😛

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