OPI What’s With the Cattitude?

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
Morning girls and boys!  Hopefully everyone is surviving the week.  Tyler and I went for our home inspection and it didn’t go well, so we backed out of it.  That’s all I want to say about it because I’m pretty upset over it, but that’s where we are on it.  But, obviously it wasn’t meant for us, so onto the next 🙂

Today I have for you OPI What’s With the Cattitude? from the Shrek collection.  I realize that this is an older polish and has been swatched by a lot of bloggers, but it’s new for me and is an untried – I have had it since the fall *blush*

This is 2 coats of What’s With the Cattitude? with top coat.  It could have used 3, but I was going to be doing something with it, so I didn’t worry about it.  Sorry for the slight patchiness of it in the pictures 🙂  I don’t know if the polish in the full size bottles is better/different, but I only have this in a (useless) mini OPI bottle and it’s a little runny.

I asked Tyler to choose a colour, not telling him what it was for, and he said “light blue”.  I went to my swatch stick display board and discovered *gasp* I only have TWO light blue polishes – What’s With the Cattitude? and Julep Jessica.  Since I have swatched Jessica for you guys, I decided on What’s With the Cattitude? 🙂  It’s a gorgeous light sky blue colour, and it leans a little whiter in person than it’s showing here.  Why are colours SO hard to capture?!

When I put this polish on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it with another untried polish, so I added 1 coat of Glitzology Cruella on top!

This combination is seriously perfect!  Cruella is a great polish with black and white glitters in a multitude of shapes and sizes in a clear base.  Everything lays flat on the nail, and when topped with a top coat, there were no pieces that lifted to snag on anything.

Now, here is where I get into my negativity for the post, and I apologize, but it has to be said.  I’m not a shit disturber/pot stirrer, but I want to be honest with you guys because I feel that you are here for honesty about stuff.  Keep in mind that this is just what I have seen through my polish groups on Facebook, and my own experience.  There have been a lot of people that have had issues with getting orders they have placed with Glitzology, and she has put her online store on “vacation”.  Myself, I have messaged her sporadically since January about a polish I received that was thick and goopy – she asked me to check it – and I still have not heard anything back.  She had been going through some things in her life earlier this year, but she hasn’t been responding to anyone’s messages – e-mail, Facebook, etsy store, or otherwise – regarding orders placed and not yet received.  I am not sure if she will be coming back to the polish world and reopening her shop, but there is a lot of bad “publicity” for her with not answering customers’ concerns, and I consider what she has been doing to be very bad for business.  I do understand that life does happen, but at the same time ignoring messages from paying customers’ who are reaching out to you about their orders and their hard-earned money is a black mark in my books.

I will say, though, I am glad I did get the polishes I did before all of this happened because she does have some AWESOME creations!  They are definitely chock-full of glitter and no fishing is required!  You can check out her Facebook page, and the link to her shop is here, but keep in mind that it is currently “on vacation” and I have no knowledge if she will be returning.


6 thoughts on “OPI What’s With the Cattitude?

  1. Thanks Essie Rae! I thought the glitter would work perfect over the blue and it does 🙂
    And I am already glad about walking away, I don't think my poor little heart could take it if we actually bought the house without an inspection and found what we did after the fact :'(

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