Cartoon Nails

Happy Monday!  We got our last blast of winter yesterday and ended up with a little less than an inch of the white stuff.  Don’t worry, I’m not complaining 😀  I personally took it as Mother Nature’s way of telling me “it won’t be long till it’s back!” 😀  Now, before you guys start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, let’s move on to the nails 😉

I have been wanting to do this mani from cutepolish since watching the video a few weeks ago when she posted it, but other designs and swatching have taken precedence, for some reason..  That, and I’ve been kinda lazy, lol!

I used my Gel II Lala Me gel mani as my base colour, then used my Jordana Pop Art Black Mark nail art polish to do the black outline/border around my nails, then Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and a striper brush to paint the “shine” on my nail.  Topped it off with Julep’s matte top coat (which dragged some of my white and black polishes) and I was done!  This was a really easy design to do, and I recommend if you even slightly want to try it, do it!  I love it!! 😀

Here is the tutorial:

While my black borders ended up thicker, I still like the way it turned out 🙂  Have you tried this design?  Post a picture on my Facebook page, I would love to see 😀

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