Elixir Lacquers Blue Coat

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
Good morning!  It’s such a beautiful day out today, looks like Spring has descended upon us in South-Central Ontario.  Most of you are probably all “YAY!  FINALLY!”  Fine, you guys can have your summer, but I want my winter in November this year! 😉
Today’s post is a sister polish to Elixir Lacquers Smokey Coat … Elixir Lacquers Blue Coat!

This is 2 coats of Blue Coat.  This polish applies great, no issues with the formula 🙂  I think that the glitter does show more in Blue Coat than Smokey Coat though.  I think if you are looking for a darker blue polish with a bit of dazzle to it, this is the colour you need to pick up!
Blue Coat is one of the polishes in the Lov-a-Bully collection that Nicole released last fall to raise money for Atlanta Bully Rescue.  10% of all polishes sold from the Lov-a-Bully collection is donated to Atlanta Bully Rescue, which is so awesome!  While I am an animal lover, there is something about Pit Bull breeds that puts me on edge when I come across one.  I realize that a dog’s personality and behaviour is 100% based on how it is raised, and I completely agree with that, but I am uncomfortable around other breeds such as Rotweillers, Dobermans and Bull Mastiffs.  I have never been badly hurt by any of these breeds, so I have no “rational” reason to be uncomfortable or fearful around them, I guess it’s just that I find them to appear intimidating.
Anywho!  If you want to pick up your own bottle of Blue Coat, head on over to the Elixir Lacquers store, and make sure to give her a like on Facebook!


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