Kelara Lacquers Seaside

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
Good morning!!  Hopefully everyone recovered from their weekend!  How did everyone in Ontario fair through the ice storm we got Friday?  We did pretty good, lots of ice (which is now melted) and the hydro stayed on for the most part.  Unfortunately my exam was cancelled, so I have to write it this week instead.  Gives me more time to study 🙂

Today I have for you a beautiful polish from Kelara Lacquers called Seaside!  I have had this polish for what feels like FOREVER, and I am finally getting around to using it.

This is 2 easy coats of Seaside.  This is a STUNNING bright blue!!  The pictures basically speak for themselves, lol!  There are small glitters and flecks that give this polish some depth and all of its beauty!  This is definitely a keeper, and I highly recommend this for ALL the blue lovers out there!  Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what I did with this 🙂

To get your own, head on over to the Kelara Lacquers online shop, it is part of the Fantasy collection 🙂  I have the whole mini set of this collection (have for a while *sigh*) so make sure to watch for the rest of them coming up in the future!  Make sure to head on over to their Facebook page too to keep up on what’s new!


8 thoughts on “Kelara Lacquers Seaside

  1. It was actually pretty good, not too thick. I will do Dragon scales maybe next week and see how it is 🙂 Did you try adding a little thinner or clear polish to it to try to “bring it back”?

  2. Hi Kristy,

    So sorry yours was too thick. We would have happily replaced it for you. Not sure when you bought it, but we actually reformulated Dragon Scales about two months ago. We are constantly working to improve our work and we hope you will give us a try again soon! Thanks! 🙂


  3. Thanks Tara! I am finally getting around to trying these 😦 I have swatched them all on sticks and love them all! Just too many polishes and so little time and fingers, lol!

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