Julep Claudette and Tip Top Nails Smashed

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
HAPPY FRIDAY!  The weekend is finally here!  I was supposed to write my final exam this morning, but due to in-climate weather and hydro outages, the place I was writing it was closed.  So I have to reschedule for next week.

Yesterday I posted Julep Claudette and told you to come back to see what I did with it!  Check it out!

I topped Julep Claudette with Tip Top Nails Smashed, which is a gold crackle polish.  I know, I know, everyone is over the crackle phase (see, I toldja I don’t follow trends!), but I have never had crackles until I got the ones from the October Julep Box, and this one from completing my cupcake nails for Tip Top Nails South Africa’s Cupcakes 4 Kids nail art challenge.  The lovely Joan sent me a package of goodies, and Shattered was one of them!  It came in a 2-sided polish tube with a top coat in one end and the gold crackle polish in the other.  I also got 3 other polishes and their Miraculous Results base coat!
One thing I did find with this crackle polish, and I haven’t used a lot of crackles (obviously) but when I was using it, the formula seemed to turn into an icing-like consistency around the top/mouth of the bottle.  It looked grainy and was gathering, and reminded me of a grainy icing.  Maybe I was just hungry, but I do know that it did thicken as I used it, so if you do get a crackle polish from Tip Top, make sure to be careful of that.
That being said, I really love the look this created, and I will definitely have to revisit this at Christmas time!  Claudette and Shattered really compliment each other 😀  I think that Shattered crackled really nicely and there is enough red showing through that it gives the mani some character!
The only thing with Tip Top Nails is that they are located in South Africa, and as far as I know, they do not ship internationally (unless you participate in a nail art challenge, or something 🙂 ).  But, if you are there, or have a connection, I’m guessing, anywhere in Africa, you can probably get some Tip Top Nails polishes 😀  If you are international, make sure to check out the Facebook page, and participate in their weekly nail art challenges and maybe you can win some polishes!!

6 thoughts on “Julep Claudette and Tip Top Nails Smashed

  1. Lol, this is a great “Christmasy combo”. I was a teen when the original crackle from Cover Girl released, but I was never able to get it back then. So when they started coming out again I was all over it. I don't use them as often anymore, but I do love them.

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