Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  I thought it would be super appropriate to do some Easter themed nails for this weekend 🙂  I am loving all the pastel coloured polishes everyone is coming out with for the spring!  I’m also surprised by how many I actually have in my collection 🙂  And what’s a pastel polish without adding a matte top coat, right?

Here are my base colours for my designs:

Thumb – 2 coats Avon Cotton Candy
Index – 3 coats Julep Hayden
Middle – 3 coats Julep Blake
Ring – 3 coats Julep Shenae
Pinky – 3 coats Julep Simone

All are topped with Julep Matte Top Coat, which I really love.  I know, I know.. all matte top coats do the same thing, but I find that of the 2 I have (Julep and Essie), I definitely prefer the Julep one 🙂  I also LOVE the look of matte nails.  I really have to do them more often.  I also think that pastel colours work the best with the matte top coat.  Darker colours (except black) don’t seem to suit matte finishes, or is that just me?

Alright, so I know you aren’t here to talk about matte top coats, so let’s move on to the nail art, shall we?

*WARNING*  Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload!
Are you ready??

Are you sure??

Ok, here it is!

Polishes used:
Bases as noted above, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, Jordana Black, Julep Shenae, Julep Simone, Julep Blake, Julep Hayden, Julep Carrie (pink in details)
I topped it with a regular top coat to even everything out, and when that was dry I topped it with Julep Matte Top Coat.  I LOVE the look of this, it turned out the way I pictured it 😀
I hope your weekend is filled with family, fun, and chocolate bunnies 😀
Share your Easter nails with me on my Facebook page!!

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