Zoya Aurora

Good lovely morning everybody!  It’s pretty dreary here this morning – typical Spring morning, and my snow is disappearing at an alarmingly fast rate 😦
Today I have for you the beautiful Zoya Aurora from the Ornate collection that they released for the Christmas season last year.  Yep, it’s my first time trying it on its own.. yep, I’m a slow-poke!  LOL!

This is 2 coats of Aurora.  I did find that the formula for a little thick as I was using it, but it was mostly what was stuck to the stick of the brush.  But other than that it was easy to work with considering it was packed with the holo-ness 🙂
I really love this colour!  I think I am more a scattered holo gal rather than a linear holo gal.  Of course this colour speaks to me partly because it’s purple too 😉
So where can you get these?  Because I’m in a very rural area, I order Zoyas online as I do not have a store to go to that is close by to get them.  I believe they are available at Sally’s Beauty Supply though.  I order from Nail Polish Canada, where they are $8.75, unless they have them on sale 🙂  I love browsing the sale section!  Don’t forget that Canadian orders $25+ get free shipping (my favourite part)!!  US residents can order directly from Zoya.  They don’t ship out of the 48 contiguous states though, so if you are in Hawaii or Alaska, you will have to find an alternative.  I do know that Nail Polish Canada does ship to the US, and if you order more than $50 of stuff you don’t have to pay shipping 😀

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