Purple Water Marble

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  What do you have planned for the weekend?  I am going to be working on/finishing my nail swatch stick display board!  Wanna check it out so far?  Here is the link to my Facebook photo album!
Today I have for you a purple water marble that I did earlier this week.  COTW for this week in my Facebook group was purple.  I have been obsessed with purple polishes this week, so be prepared to see some in the next few posts 🙂

For this design, I first painted 2 coats of Avon Loving Lavender for my base colour.  Then, using Avon Loving Lavender and Vivid Violet, and Tip Top Nails Complete Chaos, I created the marble.  The Tip Top Nails polish didn’t work the greatest for water marbling, it’s not thin enough.  I like the way this turned out, but wish that the darker purple (Complete Chaos) would have spread easier so that my marbles looked more uniform 🙂
Sorry for the short post.  I will try to have another one up later today (I have a few ready to go, so we will see what the day brings 🙂 )

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