Elixir Lacquers Elixiversary

Good afternoon peeps!  It’s Friday, and you know what that means!!!  It’s the WEEKEND!!! 😀  I slept in this morning as I didn’t work today and it was so nice – this past week after the time change has whooped mah butt!!  But I am much better now 🙂  Tyler and I are going to see the movie The Call tonight, with Halle Berry, it looks like a good suspense movie 😀
In celebration of Elixir Lacquers 1 year in business anniversary, Nicole (also from Nail Polish Wars) released a polish for the occasion, and it is called Elixiversary.  This polish was released in batches, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to get your bottle this tomorrow as it will be the last release, and then it will be gone FOREVER!  Here is the link to the listing for it.  The listing will be “active” at 1:00pm EST Saturday, March 16, 2013.  Only 25 bottles will be available!

This is 2 somewhat “placed” coats of Elixiversary over Essie Aruba Blue (swatch to come tomorrow), which was the perfect base colour for this glitter!  While there wasn’t a lot of fighting with the glitters, I did find that they do sink in the base somewhat, so I had to shake it a couple times while doing my mani in order to get the glitters to the top of the bottle.  They did have to be worked with a little bit when being put on the nail.  It’s best to use more thin layers of this glitter than one thick one to get all the glitters on the nail at once.
This glitter is super gorgeous!  It has LOTS of different glitters – large white hexes, medium light blue and purple squares, medium burgundy and pink hexes, small silver hexes, holographic diamonds, and blue and pink micro glitters.  I was looking at it all day while I was wearing it 😀
I want to congratulate Nicole on 1 year of business with Elixir Lacquers!  Make sure to follow along with her on on Facebook, and you can find her polishes in her online shop!  I really love all of her polishes, I have most of them 😉

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