Julep Alicia

Good evening lovely ladies and gents!  I hope everyone had a good weekend and is adjusting to the time change alright.  I know I won’t be used to it for a week or two 🙂
Today I have Julep Alicia for you!  This is honestly the most perfect neon coral colour, but was so hard to photograph 😦  I don’t alter my photos at all other than cropping and watermarking, and I wouldn’t even know where to start to do it if I wanted to, so these are a tad off of the real life colours.

This is two coats of Alicia, and it is more pink in real life.  I have a picture that will be posted tomorrow that is more colour accurate, I’m sorry they aren’t more accurate.  I tried my best with these, but because I painted them late at night, I didn’t get a natural daylight shot before I made some alterations to my mani (coming tomorrow).
This is a perfect colour, I am so glad that I got it 😀  I can’t wait to use this colour in the summer 😀
What is your favourite summer colour?

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