Julep Nora with Stamping

Howdie ladies and gents!  It’s the end of the week.. for me anyways 😉
So Wednesday I posted swatches of Julep Nora… well I did some stamping on it and wanted to post it separately because I am SO in love with the way it turned out!!

To me, this mani is pure perfection!  Suede – check!  Stamping – check!  Simple design – check!  For this I used the houndstooth pattern on Bundle Monster plate BM-322 and Julep Harley to stamp with.  Note to self – Julep chromes work AWESOME for stamping.  I have the same success with Julep Fina 😀  This is seriously the best stamping polish I have used, and I even have 4 Konads!  May have to get rid of them and invest in ALL the Julep chromes!

(See how Nora looks a little more purple when I stamped with Harley?)

I just stamped my thumb and ring finger for accent nails, though you could do all if you wanted to 🙂  I love this so much I just want to do ALL the colour combinations in it, RIGHT NOW 😀
What do you think?  Do you like simple manis with a couple accent nails, or would you have done all the nails with the houndstooth pattern?

4 thoughts on “Julep Nora with Stamping

  1. Unfortunately Fina was from the May 2012 boxes and they had a LOT of problems with the brushes with that month, so the polishes were never put in the online store. I wish they would bring them back, but in better bottles. Fina is definitely a gorgeous colour 😀

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