February Nail Art Challenge Day 5

Good morning my loves!  What is everyone up to today?
I have for you today my Day 5 design for the Nail Art Challenge – Valentine’s Day Nails.  I have never really been “woohoo” about Valentine’s Day, I think it’s important to make sure to let your loved ones what they mean to you every day of the year.  Also, stores way over-price stuff like flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  Just gimme my chocolate at it’s regular price, please and thank you 😛

So.. since I did my gel polish the other day with Gel II Blue Blue, I had a challenge ahead of me to make my nails Valentine’s-y enough.  Blue isn’t really a good Valentine’s Day colour, I didn’t really think that through to well, lol.  So, off to Pinterest I went, and found this pin and I knew I could make it work if I altered it a little bit 🙂  Pinterest is great for bringing out your creativity!  I find myself looking through them for ideas, then end up altering them for what I like, or with the colours I have/want to use.

For this, I used Gel II Blue Blue for my base colour, then using my homemade dotting tool (tailor’s pin stuck in the eraser of a pencil) created hearts using Julep Deluanay and Carrie, then randomly placed dots of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On.  Sorry if my cuticles look super dry!  I didn’t notice that until I was watermarking 😦  I swear I use Pure Cuticle Oil EVERY DAY, 3-5 times per day 🙂  That reminds me, I have to put some on! 🙂
So for having a blonde moment about the blue background, I think these turned out pretty alright for Valentines’s Day 😀  I love the little hearts!  I heart them 😉
And look how well the gel is standing up!  The thing I am loving about the gel is that you can do nail art over it all you want, and when it’s time to take it off, or if a design doesn’t come out the way you want, you can just use acetone-free remover to take it off and ta-da!!  Your nails are ready, with a base colour, to have nail art applied again!  This is going to be especially helpful for stamping when you can’t get the stamp placed just right on your nails 🙂


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