February Nail Art Challenge Day 4

Happy Sunday ladies!!  Did everyone on the eastern US seaboard survive the snow?  What about all of you in Ontario, Québec and the rest of the eastern provinces?  We got about 20-30cm over Thursday and Friday 😀  The snowbanks are piled high, and it’s making it hard to see around corners while driving.
Today I have for you my Day 4 design for the Challenge – inspired by a pattern.  There are SO many patterns out there, but there was really only one that I knew I had to do.

Here is where my inspiration came from:

This is my bedroom.  I decided to repaint it over 2 years ago and this is what I came up with – light purple walls with dark purple stripes outlined with thin white stripes.  This paint job took me a whole week to do, and about 1360 feet of tape.  Patience is key! 😉
Onto the nails – 

So while I didn’t use tape for this, I still think it turned out pretty awesome 🙂  First I painted my nails with OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’.  Then using a nail art brush I painted my white stripe on with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On.  Then using a nail art brush again, I painted on the thin dark purple stripe using Zoya Monica.  I think the colours match my wall pretty well 😀  I probably should have used tape for this one, but I was too lazy to, lol!
I really love the way this turned out 🙂  I love the colour purple, as you can tell, lol!



12 thoughts on “February Nail Art Challenge Day 4

  1. Thanks! I was back and forth about what to do on my walls and finally I came up with something. And when I decided I had the right colours to recreate it on my nails, I knew that's what I had to do for Inspired by a Pattern 😉

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