February Nail Art Challenge Day 2

Good evening ladies!  I meant to have this up earlier today, but had to do some homework before being able to “play” tonight, so here I am, posting late again.
Day 2 of the Challenge is already upon us, I can’t believe it!  Today’s theme is half moons, and I have to say, from what I have seen already, the ladies joining me in this Challenge are pretty awesome at half moon manis.  Mine didn’t turn out as crisp as I had hoped – sometimes using those hole reinforcements is trickier than it looks.

For this I used Julep Annie and Brandt, both from the Trina Turk Fall 2012 collection.  These are both untried for me, and I love the look of the two of them together!  And believe it or not, they were both opaque in one coat, which is even better! 🙂
I didn’t get these originally with my Julep Maven box, but I love these more than the colours I did get, which were Gunta and Popova.  I have already swapped Popova because it was too close to Emilie which I already had.
Do you like half moon manis?  Do you like to have a bold contrast between the colours?


10 thoughts on “February Nail Art Challenge Day 2

  1. Teresa, you need to post a picture on my Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/ericasnailsandmore), and link up either a blog post if you have a blog, or your Facebook picture if you don't have a blog as per the e-mail I sent out on January 25th.

  2. Love the black and blue together – really striking combination! I find the hole reinforcers really awkward to deal with so I've found another way that works for me (obviously not in my entry as I didn't go for the uniform line). I use a dotting tool and a very short striping brush – might have to blog about it at the end of the challenge 😉

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