Julep Audrey

Evening ladies and gents!  One more sleep until the Challenge begins, and I’m so excited!! 🙂
I have for you another untried for me, and another polish I pulled from the Canadian Travelling Polish Box.  This is my new favourite nude!  It’s Julep Audrey.

This is 2 coats of Audrey, and it is still kind of sheer, but that’s ok.  It’s a beautiful pink-blush colour that has a TON of shimmer 😀  It’s so pretty!  And, wanna know the best part?!?!  It SMELLS LIKE ROSES!!!!!  Now, roses aren’t my favourite flower, but I couldn’t stop smelling my nails (yep, I looked like a weirdo!) when I had this on, even through the top coat!  It did start to disappear the next day, I put it on after dinner, showered, went to bed, and then in the morning it wasn’t as strong as when I put it on but it was really nice while it lasted.  I like smelling flowers and if I can have a flower smell on my nails?!  Parfait!!  😉
As with Are Berries in the Canaries, I’m glad I pulled this one from the Travelling Box, and it’s going to be a go-to shade for me when I need to have more conservative nails 🙂  Plus, then I get to sniff my nails 😉
This would be perfect for those who have to watch what kind of polish they wear to work, it’s definitely office appropriate 🙂  Luckily, for me, I don’t have to worry about that!  I wear neons to work and no one really says anything 🙂  Mom’s the boss, so she’s seen some pretty wild and wacky colours when I paint my nails at home 🙂
What is your go-to nude colour?  Is it a “basic” creme, or does it have a sparkle like Audrey?

2 thoughts on “Julep Audrey

  1. This is very pretty, I don't think my skin tone looks good with nudes, I'm too pal BUT I did recently get OPI Samoan sands and I love it, I'm more into brighter colors, but this is pretty, I got a sheer from last months Maven box, I might just swatch it and try it on 🙂 – Joanna

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