Simple Nail Art Tips Starter Kit

Hello my lovely peeps!  Today I have something pretty exciting for you, while I’m sitting here naked.  Wait, that came out wrong, I have naked NAILS 😉  I am doing another 3-day treatment using Simple Nail Art Tips Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil.
So, a while ago I posted my results of using Simple Nail Art Tips Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil for the first time.  Well, the lovely Ana has created the best thing since sliced bread – a starter kit!  The reasoning behind this is, when you first get her oil you need to go naked (like me!) for 3 days and load you nails up with this oil to restore their moisture content.  And with buying just the pens she had available when I first purchased, it was pretty easy to go through at least one pen in the first 3 days of nakedness.  So now, with the Starter Kit, you get so much more 😀
For $24US you get one 2mL Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil application pen and one 15mL “polish” bottle filled with oil that you can use during the 3 day treatment rather than the pen.  This is equivalent to buying 9 pens ($65 value!).  That is one heck of a deal if you ask me!
Oh, and those little vials, those are little scent samplers for her new scents she will be releasing over the next year.  Winter is a trial scent and she may be altering the scent of it slightly before releasing it in the fall.  Make sure to let her know which one is your favourite 😀
So where can you get this product?  Check out Ana’s site where you can pick up this Starter Kit, or some pens if that is all you need 🙂  She also has a Refill Kit available, which I will be doing a post, and a tutorial on how to fill your pens, in the near future 🙂 *UPDATE* – I’m not sure when I will be able to get to my refill tutorial, but in the mean time, here is the link to Ana’s tutorial (pictures and instructions). *UPDATE – October 27, 2014* – I have FINALLY done a tutorial, and I posted it up on YouTube for everyone to see, so make sure to check it out!
She also has a Facebook page where you can find out about sales and other fun things that she has going on 😀  Make sure to let her know that I sent you 😉

2 thoughts on “Simple Nail Art Tips Starter Kit

  1. Ooh I can't wait for the tutorial on how to refill the pen. I used the pen through all of the 3 day because I'm busy and it was way easier on the go, so now I've got my starter kit bottle and an empty pen (yikes!).

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