Dollish Polish A Peachy Princess

Happy Saturday everyone!  It feels like Sunday to me, so this weekend feels extra long 😉  This is the first of 2 posts I will be doing today.  I was going to do them sooner, but then I had to go to the gym, then take the dog for a walk when I got home and rent some movies to watch with Tyler tonight 🙂
I have for you the 3rd instalment to the Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros collection marathon here – A Peachy Princess.

This is 2 pretty thick coats of A Peachy Princess, a bright pink jelly polish with darker pink micro glitters, holographic pink small squares, small hexes, sheer light pink large squares and dark pink large hexes.  This polish was a little difficult to work with and I really wanted to love it because I love the colour and all the glitters in it.  I am finding that I prefer clear based glitter polishes as the coloured jelly based glitters are just too tricky to work with.  This is basically a jelly sandwich in a bottle 😀
I will be trying this one out again but with thinner coats, though I feel like I won’t be able to get the bigger glitters out with thinner coats.
I think that this could look really great over black even though it has the pink jelly base, I will have to try it 🙂
If you want to get your own A Peachy Princess polish, you will have to stalk Dolly’s Facebook page to see when she will be doing a restock, and her website to see when your favourites will be restocked 😀


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