Ninja Polish Nebula

Good evening everyone!  Welcome to 2013!!  Can you believe that another year has gone by??  Where does the time go?
Tyler and I stayed in last night.  I was on Facebook and he was playing his video game, and spending some time with my parents and aunt and uncle who came over for a few hours.  I’m not a partier or drinker so New Years Eve doesn’t really do anything for me, just another night 😉
Today I have for you the nails I did for last night but wanted to photograph in the bright sunlight, and lucky for me the skies were clear and the sun was shining bright before I went to our family New Years Day lunch this afternoon.
Are you ready for this?!  You may want to get your shades out before scrolling further 😉  This is also going to be extremely picture heavy as I tried to capture the beauty of this polish from all angles.

This is 2 coats of Ninja Polish Nebula, isn’t it stunning?!  This is a purple/teal/green multichrome glitter that is very distracting in the sunlight.  It’s so bright and shiny, perfect for New Years Eve and New Years Day  😀
As with any glitter, this soaked up 2 coats of Butter London P.D. Quick Top Coat and is still bumpy/textured.  I know this bothers some people, but I don’t have a way to stop this from happening – whenever I do a glitter mani, it doesn’t matter how much top coat I put on, it’s always bumpy.
I was going to try the glue base coat method with this because this is seriously a glitter bomb polish, but by the time I was able to polish last night I was too lazy to try to find some white glue.  So needless to say, I’m a little concerned with taking this polish off, even with the foil method.
If you want your own bottle of Nebula, check out Ninja Polish’s shop and you can check out what else they have got 🙂
What did you do for New Years Eve?  What did you have on your nails to ring in the new year?  I would love to see it, post a picture to my Facebook page.

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