Holly-day Nails

Good evening beautiful readers!  I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening, I only have 4 days of work left before I am off on Christmas holidays and there are only 9 days until the big day!
As I was on my way home from finishing my Christmas shopping (yep, I’m DONE!), I heard the song White Christmas by Paul Brandt and I couldn’t help thinking to myself how much I can relate to the first lines of the song
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
just like the ones I used to know.”
For those of us in South-Central Ontario to have no snow and less than 10 days until Christmas, it’s a sad, sad thing … in my opinion anyways!  Most people I know are OK with the no snow part, but me, I want it so bad I’m considering buying myself a snow machine for Christmas!  😀  (How sweet would that be?!)
Anywho, I did white nails yesterday for peace, in honour of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, USA that happened on Friday.  I took those nails and was able to add some Christmas cheer to them 🙂

For this look I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, topped with Julep Melissa to give it a pearly finish 🙂  Then, using a toothpick I applied “V”s, sort of like you do when drawing birds in the sky, with Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  I did 2 of those, connecting the top one to the middle of the bottom one, and then a line sticking out the top to make the holly leaves.  Then, with the toothpick, I used Avon Cherry Jubilee to create the holly berries in a group of 3 🙂
These are simple and chic, yet Christmasy enough to bring a smile to my face 🙂  I was going to do them on all my nails but wanted to keep it clean so I only did them as accent nails.
Are you tired of Christmas nails yet?  I”m sure not!  I could do them all year, but imagine how much red, white and green polish one would go through!!

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