Sapphire Dreams & Wynter Wonders

Hellllloooooo ladies!  As most of you who are on Facebook frequently probably already know, I have discovered 100% acetone for polish and glitter removal.  *makes Heavenly sounds and shines a spotlight on the bottle of acetone*
So, because of this, I have overcome my love/hate relationship with glitter polish and it is pure love now!  And to prove it, I have 2 coats of a shimmer polish with 2 coats of a loaded glitter polish, topped with a heavy coat of top coat!
Let’s jump in, shall we??  First off, a warning – this is picture heavy, I couldn’t narrow it down any more than what I’ve got here!

Isn’t it PRETTY?!?!?!  *gushes*  I am completely in love with this!  And to top it off, I’m not sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth because I’m terrified of the thought of removing this!  I’M CURED!!!
So what is it??  This look is 2 coats of Ninja Polish Sapphire Dreams (lovingly named by Amber over at And Then There Was Polish) which is a blue shimmer polish (swatch to come tomorrow) that reminds me of a shiny new car, topped with Elixir Lacquers Wynter Wonders which contains holographic micro glitter and small squares and lavender hex glitters, both from the holiday collections 🙂
It’s a good thing the sun isn’t very bright on my way to work because it could be tricky driving with this masterpiece in the bright sunlight… like a moth to a flame 😀
So where can you get these??  Ninja Polish polishes can be purchased here and Elixir Lacquers can be purchased here.  Sometimes the Ninja Polish polishes are a little tricky to get a hold of, but you can sign up for certain polishes so you are e-mailed when the polish you want is restocked 😀
So I know this isn’t overly Christmas-y, but I still consider it a Christmas mani because the look was achieved using only Holiday collection polishes 😀
Are you a glitterholic or glitterphobic??

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