November Nail Art Challenge Day 7

Can you believe the Challenge is almost over??  This month has gone by way too fast!  And just think, 5 weeks from today and Santa will be here! 😀  Weeeeeeeeeeee!!
Today we have Line/Stripe nails.  This turned out a lot darker than I was hoping and picturing in my mind.  Oh well, you can still see it 🙂

Ever since I got some polishes from the Zoya Ornate collection last week from Samantha (they don’t ship to Canada, so I ordered them through a friend in the US) I have wanted to try Aurora (purple scattered holo) and Storm (black scattered holo).
I did 2 coats of Zoya Storm as my base colour, which should have been a lighter colour.  Then I applied some striping tape in diagonal lines on my nails and painted over them with 1 coat of Zoya Aurora.  You have to do one nail at a time when you are using tape/striping tape as you have to remove the tape right after polishing over it to create a clean line 🙂

I have one thing to say about these Zoya polishes…. WOW!  I can’t wait to show you them on their own 😀  And I can’t wait to check them out in the sunlight!

Oh, and these pictures are taken in my new light box!  These are so easy to make, I didn’t even get hurt when I was making mine, and I’m SUPER accident prone!  I will be doing a blog post about it in the next little while.  I have to make another one to keep and use at Tyler’s house as they are pretty fragile to be transporting back and forth every weekend.  Maybe I will be able to do that this weekend so I can show you guys how easy it is 😀
Only 3 designs left in the Challenge, then it will be time for some Christmas nails 😀



6 thoughts on “November Nail Art Challenge Day 7

  1. Thanks Ashesela! I'm so pumped for Christmas! There are houses around here that are fully lit up and I'm really getting into the spirit! However, we need about 3-4 more feet of snow 😉

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