NOTD: Scratchboard Nails

Hello my sweets!  It’s Friday and I’m spending the day with Tyler and Owen 😀
Today I have for you some “scratchboard” nails 🙂  The name for this was suggested by my friend Trixie from my SMYTC group 🙂
Remember when we were kids and we would colour a blank piece of paper with lots of different coloured crayons and then use a black crayon and colour over the entire sheet, then use a toothpick and draw images into the black to allow the colour behind to show through?  This was the idea I got before I received my black crackle polish from Julep, Ursula.  As soon as I got it, I tried it.  (This was also supposed to be my Day 1 design for the November Nail Art Challenge but realized after I had already taken it off that I forgot my little sign, lol!)
So I started with dotting my entire nail with the 6 colours of the rainbow:
Julep Deluanay (red)
Julep Parker (orange)
Julep Mystery Yellow
Avon Electric Green
Julep Gunta (blue)
Julep Morgan (purple)

It reminds me of a gumball machine 🙂  Then I applied Julep Ursula over top, a black creme crackle polish.

TA DA!!  I love the look of this, I will definitely be trying it out with neon colours as well 😀  As I’ve mentioned before, I am pretty new to the crackle polish train, but I really like the effect they have, it’s different every time 😀
So what do you guys think?  Do you like this, or is it not quite your cup of tea?

13 thoughts on “NOTD: Scratchboard Nails

  1. I definitely like it both ways 😀 I would love to try it with different crackle colours, I have white, silver and orange I could try, but I think the black would look the best over all the colours 🙂

  2. That is awesome! If I put that much work into a mani I would have to leave it on for a month! I don't understand how you girls do theses awesome man is and just take them off the next day for challenges!

  3. You've actually changed my mind about the crackle colors. I had kinda written it off before seeing this post. Now I think I'll try it. I bet a nice crackle would look lovely over a bright water-marbled nail or any other bright rainbow-y base. Fantastic idea. I have been inspired by your nails yet again!

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