November Nail Art Challenge Day 3

Wow, we’re at day 3 already!  Everyone has done such a good job so far, I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for the rest of the Challenge 😀

Today’s design is Inspired by a Tutorial.  There are SO many nail art tutorials out there on YouTube, Google, blogs, the ideas are endless!  I like to watch the videos that cutepolish puts up on YouTube, she has such interesting designs and they are SO easy when you see how they are actually done 🙂
I chose to go with her Walt Disney World nails she did recently.  I love Walt Disney World, I used to go there every other year as a kid while visiting my grandparents at their house in Florida.  I love all the classic Walt Disney fairytales and a lot of the newer ones too.  What’s your favourite Disney movie (classic or recent)?

For this design, I used Julep Jessica for my base colour.  This is a perfect light blue for any nail art!  It’s just so pretty 😀  Then to create my castle I used Essie Mesmerize.  I didn’t have a blue striper polish, so I used a striper brush to do this.  I wasn’t able to fit as many layers in my castle as cutepolish did, but I’m still pretty proud of it ;D  Then for my glitter tips I used Julep Yumi.  After I got it finished and waiting for the glitter to dry a little before putting my top coat on, I thought “ah man, I should have used my blue Julep glitter pots!”  They would have been perfect for this, so if I do this again, I will definitely try to remember to do that 🙂

And a funny story about this, I showed both my sister and Tyler this when I was finished and they asked why I has the Michelin Man on my nail… *facepalm*  If it was the Michelin Man, he’d be white, not blue 😛

So, what do you guys think?  Did I do cutepolish proud?


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