November Nail Art Challenge Day 2

Hello my lovely readers.  I survived my visit with my sister this weekend and am home again 🙂  It’s always great visiting with her 🙂
I was able to do my Day 2 design while visiting, I did it while Tyler was at the gym and after Shannon had left to go to work for the night.
Day 2 is Polka Dots!  I love dotticures, there are so many different designs and combinations 😀

For this design I used my new China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy as my base colour (3 coats) and placed large dots of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and then smaller dots of butter LONDON Slapper in between 🙂  I am absolutely in love with this!  Can I keep this on forever?!
I think that Flip Flop Fantasy is one of my new favourites!  This colour is so awesome, it’s even more bright in person than it is in these pictures.  The colour combination is absolutely perfect as well 🙂

*EDIT*  I just realized (Monday morning) I forgot to tell a story about this one!  I was wearing this yesterday when Tyler and I went out for lunch and the first thing the waitress says is “Oh I love your nails!  Did you do them yourself?”  I said I did and her reply was “Wow!  They are just so perfect!  You should do that for a living!”  😀  Gotta love when that happens!



24 thoughts on “November Nail Art Challenge Day 2

  1. Thanks Kara! I thought Flip Flop Fantasy and Slapper went so well together 🙂 Slapper doesn't have quite the same boldness as it does by itself, but that's because Flip Flop Fantasy is pretty “loud” 😉

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