Go Pink Wednesday October 31

Good morning and Happy Hallowe’en everybody!  How many of you dressed up for work today?  I don’t dress up, but I have been wearing my cute Hallowe’en earrings for most of the month, this is my form of dressing up 🙂
Today is the last day of Go Pink Wednesday, hosted by Finger Painting Fingers and it’s been lots of fun coming up with pink nails over the past 5 weeks, it’s nice to have something really girly on my nails once in a white 🙂  I think that Breast Cancer Awareness should be every month, but it was so nice to see all these wonderful ladies coming together to bring even more awareness to the cause and for the cure!

For this I used one coat of Julep Carrie (should have done 2 coats, or at least put a top coat over top so the crackle didn’t pull it apart 😦 ) with Julep Glenda (silver crackle) over top.  I kept it simple for today, also I’m a little late to the crackle polish bandwagon (OK, way late 😉 ) and I wanted to see how this would look 🙂  I’m really digging the crackle polish, I’m glad I got all 4 of the Julep crackles — Hermione (white), Glenda (silver), Ursula (black), Sabrina (orange).  Can anyone figure out where they got all the names from??  😉
Thank you Andrea for hosting this!



8 thoughts on “Go Pink Wednesday October 31

  1. My thoughts are:
    Ursula – the sea witch from The Little Mermaid
    Sabrina – the Teenage Witch
    Glenda – the Good Witch of the North from The Wizard of Oz
    Hermione – from Harry Potter (but I thought they were wizards?? I haven't read the book, so correct me if I'm wrong 🙂 )

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