Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge Day 10

Well, today’s the last day of the Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge and it’s been a lot of fun!  I am not normally into Hallowe’en, but this year has been lots of fun 🙂
Today is Any Hallowe’en Inspired Mani and I had never done candy corn nails, so what better time?!  I actually had to look up what colour order candy corns are in because I don’t think they are as popular here in Canada as they are in the States.  I have only just tried candy corn in the last month and though I LOVE dessert and anything with a sugar content, but these are way too sweet for me!  It’s like eating a chunk of icing sugar!
Anywho, onto the nails!  I always thought that candy corns were white, yellow, orange — progressive colour order.  But nope!  The orange is in the centre 🙂

These are the nails I am most proud of for this entire Challenge, weird, I know, because they are so simple, but I love how they turned out although my nails aren’t even close to candy corn-shaped 🙂
For this I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear White On, Julep Parker (orange) and Julep Mystery Yellow.  I tried doing this tape-mani style, but it wasn’t working for me so I gave up and just free-handed the lines with the polish brush 🙂
What was your favourite design from the Challenge?
Here is what the entire Challenge looked like!  I want to thank Dahlia at SassyNails/datyorkLOVES for hosting this Challenge, it’s been so much fun celebrating Hallowe’en with all the lovely ladies that participated in the Challenge with me 😀
Don’t forget to check out what the other ladies are up to!
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