Go Pink Wednesday October 17

Happy Hump Day Polishers!! 😀  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  Me.. I’m glad tomorrow is Thursday, my last day of work for the week, and I get to spend the weekend with Tyler and Owen, and Tyler’s mom is having an in-home Miche Bag party, so I will likely be purse shopping Saturday night 😀  (Just a quick explanation — Miche Bag is a purse company that sells purses that you can swap the outside of it and keep the inside the same so you don’t have to move all your stuff to a new purse every time you want a new look!  Check out their websites for more information — American and Canadian.  I have the Classic Bag with 14 different shells, you can see them all on my Pinterest Board!)
Today is another edition of Go Pink Wednesday hosted by Finger Painting Fingers and I decided to go with one of my favourite indie brands and polishes from her shop.

Here we ave a simple combination of 3 coats of Elixir Lacquers Tease, a stunning pink shimmer that shifts from pink to purple to blue (sorry for the low quality.. the sun sets at about 7 here in Ontario so by the time I get home and polished it’s dark out!), and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white to create the dots.  Tease is a seriously distracting polish, so do not wear while operating heavy machinery 😉
This manicure is so super easy, and can be accomplished even if you don’t have a nail art pen (they are a little pricey at $8.99/ea, I only have one) — use a toothpick dipped in polish to create dots in any polish colour!  I usually grab a piece of tin foil (I have one stashed for nail art so I don’t waste foil every time), put a blob of polish on it, dip my toothpick in and dot away! 😀  Easy, and anyone can do it!
If you want to check out Elixir Lacquers polish, go to her shop and see what she has to offer!  Every polish I have bought from her has been amazing!



22 thoughts on “Go Pink Wednesday October 17

  1. Off to check out Elixer Lacquers now. Thanks for sharing the tips for those of us that don't have the pens. I bought one and the consistency was like chalk so I haven't bought more. This is a perfect shade of pink.

  2. Before I got mine I read about them and a lot of people were saying how watery their pens were, but mine is ok. Yeah, I have to go over stuff if I draw, but I normally have to do 2+ coats of polish, so does it surprise me that I have to do the same with the pens? No 🙂 With the pens, you have to make sure to put a top coat on after they are completely dry or they will wash off!

  3. Thanks Jodi! I want to get the Demi – they didn't have it when I got mine, but don't want to pay for a new kit.. though I was CONSIDERING getting the Demi kit and seeing if anyone would be interested buying in my entire Classic “collection” (base bag and 14 shells), but I don't know how much it would cost to ship (probably a lot seeing as Canada Post likes to rip us off 😦 )

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