NOTD: Julep O Canada

So this swatch is really late coming, and I’m sorry if anyone has been waiting patiently for this one 😦  I have for you today Julep O Canada.  This was a polish that came in the July Maven Box for free!  American Mavens got America the Beautiful and Canadian Mavens got O Canada.  I was really excited to receive this, but unfortunately haven’t had the inspiration to use it.. until now!  (We didn’t get it in time for Canada Day and I didn’t do any Olympics manis.)
When I put on Julep Blake, I knew I had to top it with O Canada and that the combination would look pretty great 🙂

I love the iridescent shimmer in this as well as the bold red glitters 🙂  And I think it looks great over Blake 😀 This is 1 coat of O Canada, it had great coverage.  I think this would look great over black polish too, you would be able to see the little iridescent glitters a lot better, but overall I’m really happy with this!
Did you guys like the glitter polishes that came with the July Maven Boxes?  I didn’t have any problems with either of mine, though a lot o Mavens had issues with really thick polishes.

4 thoughts on “NOTD: Julep O Canada

  1. Thanks Alexandria! I think that the “softness” of the yellow of Blake paired with the iridescent sparkles of O Canada and the slight boldness of the red glitter makes for a great combination. I can't wait to try O Canada over other colours 🙂

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