Go Pink Wednesday October 10

Good morning ladies!  Today is the second instalment of Go Pink Wednesday hosted by Finger Painting Fingers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  I decided to do just a water marble for today with 2 out of my very small stash of pink polishes.

I painted my nails with a base colour of Avon Cotton Candy and marbled with Avon Cotton Candy and Viva Pink.  I would have included a white in there as well, but I have a really goopy white, which I didn’t think would work well, and another white that is so thin and dries way to fast to use in a marble.  Oh the hardships of polishing!
I hope you have enjoyed this mani.  This is probably the shortest post to date, but all the pictures I took of this mani weren’t the best, and it was dark really last night by the time I got to sit down so I couldn’t try to get pictures again 😦
I got a really nice compliment from a lady that came into my office yesterday.  She asked where I went to get my nails done and I told her I did them myself.  She told me they were beautiful 😀  Then she asked it my nails were my real nails and I told her they were.  She was so amazed with them, it made me feel so good 😀
Check out what the other ladies are doing!

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23 thoughts on “Go Pink Wednesday October 10

  1. This are the prettiest marbled nails I have ever seen!!!! Was it difficult? I´ve read so many good and bad things about doing a water marble, that I was not sure if I should try it, but after seeing yours, I´m thinking of giving it a shot……
    You have such pretty nails!

  2. Thank you so much Susy! 😀 Way to makin' me blush 😉
    Definitely give it a shot! It does take a lot of practice and even more patience. Check out my Tips and Tricks page for what I have learned with doing marbling http://ericasnailsandmore.blogspot.com/p/tips-and-tricks.html
    It's not going to be beautiful the first time you try it. Trust me, when I did my very first water marble, it took me about an hour and I only got my 2 thumbs done, and I was all “pfft I'm NEVER doing that again!” But then I pulled up my socks and tried again and again, and now I'm pretty comfy with it. However, I am still learning what polishes work and what polishes don't, and I think that is something that will always be trial and error 🙂 If you do try a water marble, make sure to send me a picture on the Facebook page, I want to see it 😀

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