Go Pink Wednesday October 3

Hello ladies!  So as some of you saw, I was thinking about doing a “Think Pink” Challenge on the Facebook page, but then Leanna Lawson commented, letting me know that Andrea over at Finger Painting Fingers is having “a Pink Wednesday thing”.  So I headed to the Facebook page and found the link to her blog to check it out!  I e-mailed Andrea and got all the information, and here we are! 😀
I’m sure we all know someone in our lives who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  One of my friends from high school, her mom had breast cancer.  I don’t know the complete back story, but I know that they thought she was clear and it came back and she lost the battle the second time around 😦  It makes me sad that there hasn’t been a cure found for this, it is so common and you would think that with all the money people have donated and the technology of today it wouldn’t be so difficult!  And I know the doctors tell us to check ourselves for early detection, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t.  I never think of it, as bad as that sounds 😦  I really have to try to remember!
I don’t know all the avenues in which I can support cancer research, and with being in a small town it’s hard to have access to these avenues if they don’t come knocking on the front door, so to speak.  Any time I can, I make sure to support any organizations for all forms of cancer research.  I have chopped off my hair for cancer research in my local health care system and I donate money every chance I can.  If I had a before and after picture of my hair I would definitely post it here, I will have to do some digging tonight and will maybe add it later.  It was done at my high school and every one who participated in “Hair Off for Headwaters” raised money to go towards cancer research.  Then, when the day came, we were all called up on stage in our cafeteria (not during lunch 😉 ) and we got our hair chopped.  Some shaved their heads, but I wasn’t brave enough to do that.  The hair that is collected at Hair Off for Headwaters is taken to create wigs for people who have gone through chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  I cut about 6-8 inches off my hair.. I cried, but it was definitely worth it!  For me, it will grow back!  My younger sister also did Hair Off for Headwaters.  She did it for her friend who was battling a blood cancer (I’m not sure if it was leukemia) and later lost the battle at the age of 15 or 16.  I think my sister cut close to 10 inches off her hair.
*sigh* Ok, enough with the mushy/sad stuff.  When I saw how many ladies in the nail polish community were doing their nails in support of Breast Cancer for the month of October, I wanted to join in.  If I can’t support it in any other way, I would love to say that I supported it through nail art 🙂

I decided last night that I don’t have that many pink polishes, which is weird because it’s a pretty “normal” polish colour and I do like pink as a colour.  I guess I’m just drawn to other polish colours before pink, probably because I think “I have lots of pinks!”.  I do have more coming in the mail, but they aren’t here yet.
For this I used Jordana Happy Days and L’Oréal I Will! white sponged in a gradient.  I didn’t realize until I’m typing this now how fitting those names are for looking forward to beating Breast Cancer!
For the ribbon design, because I don’t have the Bundle Monster stamping plate (and I wanted to do stamping for this) with the real cancer ribbon on it, I used the ribbon-looking design on Konad plate M63 with Jordana Prune Whip.  I absolutely love the look of this!  It’s so hopeful looking and so feminine, which I really love!  I showed it to Tyler when he was at my house last night and he said I “cheated” because I used the stamping plate rather than painting the ribbon on by hand, lol!  What does he know?!  🙂

Now, here comes the tricky part.  Andrea has asked me to include an inlinkz link to the blog post to keep everyone who is doing the Go Pink Wednesdays with us linked up.  I have never done anything like this and I’m pretty un-geekish, so here’s hoping it works!  (According to my preview it does!  Lol!)  Make sure to check out what all the other ladies are doing! 😀

Make sure you show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness and paint your nails pink with us every Wednesday of October! 😀  You can post them to my Facebook page to join in on the fun!



14 thoughts on “Go Pink Wednesday October 3

  1. Love your Pink Gradient dear…
    and the ribbons… so lovely…
    but mostly thanks for sharing your story
    PS u should add your link in the script so others can find your page… is at the end where it says add your link ❤

  2. Oh I love the Idea of a gradient pink with stamping over it.
    I also love the stamping, do you have a link of where I can buy bundle monster plates?
    Thank you for sharing your story.xx

  3. Thanks Arletta! I have just ordered my first Bundle Monster stamping plates. You can order them directly from Bundle Monster (http://www.bundlemonster.com/beauty-accessories.html) or on Amazon.com (if you are in Canada, you will have to purchase from Bundle Monster directly as Amazon.com doesn't ship to Canada and Amazon.ca doesn't have Bundle Monster products. Let me know if you get some and share some pictures of your stamping on the Facebook page! 😀

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