Julep Mystery Box — September

Howdie!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday so far 🙂  Can you believe it’s October 1st already!?  Craziness!
So before we get too far away from September, I thought I should show you what I got in my September Julep Mystery Box.  A lot has gone on in my little world of polish in the last couple weeks and I have so many “ready to be blogged about” pictures and manis 😀  I probably have enough, when you take into account all the Challenges coming up (cause I’m addicted now!), to do me until the end of of the year!  Maybe I should stop painting my nails for a while… :O  Did I just say out loud?!  Shame on me!  Haha!
Anywho, onto the Mystery Box! 🙂
As most of you probably know, I’m a die-hard Julep Maven.  If you want more information on the Maven program, visit my Julep Maven page.  Julep has Mystery Box sales every so often and I normally have no will power when they come up for sale.  Mystery Boxes are polish packages Julep puts together that range in value from $60 – $200+ and they can be purchased for $19.99 with the Discount Code Julep provides with the announcement about the sale.  I haven’t been lucky enough to get a BIG Mystery Box, but so far I haven’t been disappointed in what I have received either.
Here’s is what I got!

Everything came so nicely wrapped in one of the Julep reusable totes 🙂

Left to Right:  Renee, Sasha, Mystery Yellow, Sienna
First up — Renee.  This is a really pretty pale lavender colour.  I love purple, so this is right up my alley 😀  I also don’t have that many pastels in my collection, so this is perfect, can’t wait to try it out, especially for Easter nails 😀

Next up — Sasha.  I already have this colour, but still love it.  Julep calls it “cantaloupe” but it’s more coral-pink.  I purchased this colour a few months ago during a Flash Sale.

Third up — Mystery Yellow.  This colour doesn’t technically have a name.  Julep will release “never before released” mystery colours in Mystery Boxes sometimes.  You don’t know if your Mystery Box is going to contain the Mystery Colour or not, and I have never had luck receiving one before now.  This time, they released 4 (from what I understand from the ladies on the Facebook pages I’m on) — a yellow, a brown, a blue and a green (if I’m wrong, someone please let me know!).  Though I’m not a fan of the colour yellow, I thought I would try this out.  It is similar in colour to Daisy but it has a shimmer to it 🙂

And finally, Sienna.  I have seen a lot of Mavens raving about this colour and I don’t have it, until now 😀  This is a really nice almost-nude, very neutral shimmer polish.  It’s not gold, it’s not bronze.. I would say, maybe almost like white gold??  That’s what it reminds me of.

What did you get in your Mystery Box?  Did you get any of the other Mystery Colours?

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