NOTD: 365 Days of Color Too Pink to Function

Afternoon dear readers!  Sorry I’m a little late in posting today!  Earlier I went shopping for some new shoes, I needed some new closed-toed shoes for work for the upcoming winter and I had a coupon that expired tomorrow — $15 off when you spend $35 or more at Payless Shoe Source.  Then I went over to WalMart and ended up buying 4 polishes, a HUGE bottle of ridge filler base coat (75mL) for $5!!!  They also had a spot for quick dry top coat but none in stock — I will be going into stalk mode for this 😀  Pictures of this haul will be posted later!  When I got home and Tyler saw that I bought more polishes I got a “tsk tsk”, lol!
On to the polish!  This is Too Pink to Function from 365 Days of Color, another polish from her End of the Rainbow collection 🙂  This is the best glitter I have ever tried!  I like that it’s in a light pink jelly polish.  With the conclusion I came to with My Little Cuppycake, I was more prepared and tried this layered over Avon Cotton Candy.  Just for comparison I also painted this on its own, without pink underneath, just for comparison 🙂  Let’s take a look 😀

My index and middle fingers have 1 coat of Avon Cotton Candy underneath 2 coats of Too Pink to Function.  My ring anf pinky fingers, and thumb have 3 coats of Too Pink to Function on its own.  I definitely prefer this polis with the pink polish underneath.  That also means that I won’t use as much Too Pink to Function to get full opacity 😀  I will always put it on that way from now on!
Now, let’s take a closer look, see if we can see the teal and blue shimmer in the polish…
It’s there, ever-so-slightly, but you really have to look for it.  That’s alright with me though, then it doesn’t take away from the larger glitters and the colour of the polish 😀
Overall, I love this polish.  I only got the mini, but I would definitely recommend getting the larger bottle if you can get your hands on it! 😀
To get your own bottle of Too Pink to Function, visit Sunny’s online shop though I think it’s going to be a big seller!  So if you see it in stock, make sure to snatch it up quickly 😀


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