Erica’s Nails and More Nail Art Challenge #1

So for this nail art challenge, I did some looking around in the online nail polish world to see what kind of challenges are out there, maybe there was one that already existed that I would want to give a try.  Not finding anything where I wanted to try everything on the list, I decided to come up with my own by taking ideas from other challenges and making one that I thought everyone would enjoy.  I also wanted to start off with only 10 days rather than a 31 day challenge, because 31 days can seem like they take forever to get through.  I tried to come up with a list of fairly simple nail art designs so that everyone can participate, no matter what skill level you may have, and in hopes that everyone who participates can use what they have and not have to run off to the store for each day because they require something in order to keep up with the challenge 🙂  If there are any questions about any of the days, please let me know.  I have also put up example pictures for each day so everyone has something to reference during the challenge.  There are a few ladies out there with great tutorials for all of the nail art designs I have included, so when in doubt, search Google or YouTube! 😀
1.  You must be a fan of/like my Facebook page.
2.  Use your imagination to complete each day.  Try to incorporate some sort of nail art into each day.  Example — for “favourite colour”, try not to just paint your nails a solid colour, try to incorporate a little “flair” into it 🙂
3.  Submit your entry by either posting it onto the Facebook page or e-mail it to me at  I will be keeping track of all participants to make sure I get an entry from everyone each day.  I will post them into photo albums on Facebook as well as include them in blog posts (with permission from everyone of course), so make sure to include what you used in your design and your blog or Facebook page information if you have it so I can include it with the picture 🙂  Please try to submit your entry before 11:59pm EST for each day of the challenge.  I will post the day’s photos on the blog the following day.
4.  The work must be your own and on your own nails, you may use fingers or toes.  Please include at least 4 fingers or toes in your photos 🙂
5.  You may use any type of polish or paint to create your design.  Nail stickers (except full-nail designs like Sally Hansen’s Salon effects nail polish strips), nail stamping, loose glitter, rhinestones and/or other small 3D nail art add-ons are perfectly acceptable.  If you are unsure about something, let me know 🙂
6.  Start date:  Saturday, September 15.  End Date:  Monday, September 24.  I want to give everyone as much time as I can so that new people finding the Facebook page and blog are able to join in.  Make sure to invite your friends to like the Facebook page and join in on the fun!
7.  For the last day, you may recreate any of the other 9 days of nail art, whether it’s because it was your favourite one to do or it was one that you wanted to “do over”.  You may also choose to replicate another participant’s entry from one of the other days, if you do this, please include who’s entry you replicated with your entry (just an “I really liked ‘s entry from Day 3, this is my attempt at it” kind of note) 🙂  Also, for day 10, I may do a Facebook vote for the favourite day 10 entry and have a little prize for the entry with the most “likes”.  I will let you guys know what I decide before the challenge starts.  This will also depend on the number of participants.
8.  Please comment below if you will be participating so I have an idea on number of participants 🙂
9.  *The most important rule*… HAVE FUN! 😀  This challenge is not about “who is the best”, it’s about showing off the talent you have 😀


Day 1 — favourite colour
Either paint a base colour with your favourite colour or create nail art with your favourite colour.  Make sure to let us know what your favourite polish is (brand and name).
Day 2 — favourite animal
Show us your favourite animal on your nails and tell us why it’s your favourite 🙂  It’s like Show-and-Tell! 😀
Photo Courtesy of Mary at Swatch and Learn

Day 3 — favourite season
This can be either seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) or holidays (Christmas, Easter, Hallowe’en, etc.).

Day 4 — seran wrap nails
This is a fairly simple technique.  Simply paint your nails a colour.  With one or more other colours, simply put a drop on a paper plate/piece of tinfoil, scrunch up a piece of seran/plastic wrap and dip into your drop of polish.  Dab onto your plate or foil to take off excess polish and sponge onto your nails.  You can search Google for tutorials.
Day 5 — gradient nails
There any many different methods for this, use whichever method works best for you!  Check out Google for all the different ways to accomplish gradient nails 🙂  For this picture (my first attempt) I used an eyeshadow brush to apply each colour.  It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted but I still liked the effect 😀
Day 6 — polka dots
Use dotting tools, toothpicks, ball point pens, needles/pins, stamping, etc. to create a dotticure!

Day 7 — flowers

Create flowers in whichever way you find easiest!  I used nail art stickers for these as I wanted to use them up!  Use dotting tools, toothpicks, needles/pins, brushes, stamping — whatever you are comfy with 😀
Day 8 — galaxy nails
These are fairly simple to execute and look great no matter what!  Check out Google for great tutorials!

Day 9 — French tip variant
Put a spin on the Classic French Manicure with polka dots, lines, stamping, etc. — use your imagination!


21 thoughts on “Erica’s Nails and More Nail Art Challenge #1

  1. this may be a repeat but I dont see the comment I just posted… but I am in as well. Looks really fun. So am I in now just by saying so here?? or?? do you need th elink ot my blog?? also, i dont see the “follow” button on here…..

  2. I have my comments on moderation, so if you comment and don't see your comment come up that's because I haven't published it yet, but I did get it so when I am on next I will publish it! 😀 I have done that a couple times on blogs before though because I didn't see my first comment appear, so no worries!
    And when you either e-mail or post your picture make sure to include your blog information (you don't have to make your own blog post every day about your entries) so I can include it when I create the blog entries and put the pictures in the FB albums on my page 🙂 That way people can check out your blog and see what kind of nail art/polishing you do 😀

  3. I'm totally in :-D. I did the challenge Painting Outside the Lines hosted, it was fun but VERY challenging, so I'm thinking 10 days is more manageable, hehe. Am I allowed to e-mail maybe one or two a day or so in advance if my school/work schedule is going to get crazy at all?

  4. Awesome! Send me an e-mail, I'm sure we can work something out! 😀
    And yeah, I loved doing the challenge with everyone over at Painting Outside the Lines but feel that 31 days is a lot, even though they were broken into sections. Most people can't hold an attention span that long, and I was finding that I didn't want to “follow the rules” anymore by the end of it.

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