Elixir Lacquers Swatches

Alright ladies, here’s what everyone has been waiting for!  Swatches from my Elixir Lacquers part of my nail haul this week!  Let’s jump right in, shall we?  😀
First up, we have A Mermaid’s Tale.  This is a beautiful teal with a shimmer of purple.  The shimmer is very slight, but it’s definitely there.  I apologize for the flash photos — there is so much sparkle and shine in this polish that my camera didn’t take the best photos.

I love this colour.  I didn’t know what to expect when I first ordered it, but I loved the look of it in swatches I saw in the polish comminuty so I decided to bite the bullet and get it.  I’m not one for polishes with loads of glitters because to be honest, it’s a pain in the rump to take it off, even with the tinfoil method.  But this polish went on so smooth, and came off without me looking like I just beat up a fairy!  I would definitely recommend this colour to anyone who loves teals, or wants to try something outside of their comfort zone.  This was a colour that I kept looking at all day (I work on a computer so I don’t look overly crazy if I pretend I’m watching my finger placement as I type, lol!) and never got tired of it, nor was I self-concious about wearing it! 😀
Next up, we have Miss Kitty’s Mee-yow 😀  I got my sister Shannon, who was home to visit while I was swatching these colours, to swatch for me, and she wanted her nails this colour 🙂  I was a nice big sister and let her pick what she wanted to do hers with before choosing what I did mine with, lol!

Ohhh laaaaa laaaaa!  I LOVE this colour and cannot wait to paint my own this colour!  I am a purple-a-holic so this colour makes me go ga-ga 😀  I love the colour of the purple and the shimmer of the blue that is throughout it … *sigh* I think I’m in love with this polish 😀  For those of you who love shiny things, this colour is for you!  Look at how the flash reflected off those nails! :O
Ok, before I get distracted looking at the purple too long, let’s move on, lol!  Lastly we have Tease.  Again, this is one that I wasn’t sure what to expect but because I looked at swatches before buying, I knew I would love it when I got it 😀

I think this is my new favourite pink!  The pearl of this colour is absolutely AMAZING!  I took these pictures outside (I managed to get my nails done in time to capture them in the natural light) so I think that the blue skies above are somewhat reflecting off the polish so it looks slightly blue-er than it really is, even with the purple to blue shifting shimmer in it.  This colour reminds me of the inside of a seashell 😀  If you aren’t overly adventurous in your polish colours but want to try something new, this would be a great colour to start with.  The pink is very “conservative” but when you see it with the shimmer flowing through it, it gives it tons of character 😀
All swatches are with 3 coats of polish with basecoat (Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps) and topcoat (Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat).
These are all great polishes.  I think out of these 3, I would rank them Tease as #1, Miss Kitty’s Mee-yow as #2 and A Mermaid’s Tale #3 in order of “love it”.  I might change that when I try Miss Kitty’s Mee-yow on my own nails, but that’s how it stands right now 😀
You can purchase Elixir Lacquers polish here.

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