Nail Haul Part 2 — Girly Bits

Happy Thursday my dears!  It’s almost the end of the week 😀  I have to work tomorrow, so my week seems super long!
So yesterday I posted about my Elixir Lacquers portion of my major nail haul, and today it’s time for the Girly Bits part 😀
As with Elixir Lacquers, this was my first purchase from Pam over at Girly Bits.  One reason I was excited for this order was because Pam is a “local” indie polish creator even though she’s over 5 hours away from me, lol!  It’s nice to support indie polish creators from Canada, especially from Ontario 😀  Another reason is because Roger That, one of her more recent creations, is in memory of a boy that passed away in her community, that her children went to school with.  I have to support this because it’s just such an awesome cause!  Pam, if you get to reading this, I want you to know that what you have done with your polishes for the Rogers family is absolutely outstanding!  I just hope that every person who purchases both Roger That and Gentle Ginger knows the amount of love that goes into these polishes 😀
Ok, enough sappiness, I’m making myself teary *sniffles*  So what all did I get?!  Well let’s go see!
First off, everything was in a padded mailing envelope (the plastic kind) and all neatly bundled in a large ziploc-type baggie.  Inside this was the memorial card that I’m presuming Pam puts with every purchase of Roger That (a very personal touch!).  It has the story behind the polish on the back of the card (postcard size).  The picture’s really blurry, so here is the link to the story.

So then when I pulled everything out of the baggie, I found my package beautifully wrapped in blue tissue paper with the Girly Bits logo on it.  This is a really nice touch, makes it feel like a gift 😀

And then, everything is wrapped in a large piece of bubble wrap!  Look how well these puppies are packaged! 😀  This is awesome — there’s no way they would break in this!  Now, you are probably wondering why there is a big red square in the middle.  Well you see, part of this package is Christmas gifts, so I don’t want the recipients to see their gifts before-hand, now do I?  LOL!  No peeking! 😀  All I’m going to say is that the recipients are going to absolutely LOVE what I have for them 😀

And then they are individually wrapped in bubble wrap!  I could probably give said Christmas-gift-recipients all this bubble wrap and they would be happy, hahaha!

Alright, so now that we’re all unwrapped, what was inside?  Keep in mind I’m only going to show you part of it 🙂  The rest I will show you after Christmas (if I can hold out that long!).

Left to Right: Hocus Pocus, Roger That
Natural Light, with flash

Left to Right: Hocus Pocus, Roger That
Natural Light, without flash

Left to Right: Hocus Pocus, Roger That
Natural Light, with flash

Left to Right: Hocus Pocus, Roger That
Natural Light, without flash

Look at those beautiful holographic polishes!!!  Ooooo-aaaaahhhhh 😀  I love them!  Hocus Pocus is a topcoat-type polish that you can put over top of any polish colour to turn it into a holo — I cannot wait to try this over my favourite colours!  Roger That is a medium to dark blue with a stunning rainbow holographic through it!  Watch for the swatches to be coming on the weekend 😀
Now, you want to know where to get these, right?  Well if you go to the Girly Bits online shop you can find these, the other mystery colours I got along with SO MANY MORE beautiful polishes!  You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already!
Have you purchased from Girly Bits?  What did you get, and how did you like them?


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