Nail Haul Part 1 — Elixir Lacquers

Happy Wednesday my dears!  As promised, here is my more detailed “unveiling” of my nail haul.  I have split it into parts to keep you coming back, hehehe!
So, my first purchase from Nicole at Elixir Lacquers went very smoothly 😀  I was so impressed with the speed of the delivery 🙂  Usually shipments from the US take about 2 weeks, sometimes a little more.  For this order, I received the shipping confirmation on August 1 and it was in my mail box August 13 — *happy dance*  I wasn’t expecting the shipment until later this week, but so glad I got it earlier than expected so I could show you guys 😀
First off, I would like to show you how well these were packaged 🙂  I am finding with Indie Polish creators, they always wrap their polish so well 🙂

These are the beauties I unwrapped:

Left to Right: Miss Kitty’s Mee-yow, Tease, A Mermaid’s Tale

Left to Right: MIss Kitty’s Mee-yow, Tease, A Mermaid’s Tale

Miss Kitty’s Mee-yow is “a glossy purple with a strong teal shimmer.”  Oww oww!! 😀  I love purple and cannot wait to try this one out!

Tease is “glossy pink with a shimmer that shifts from purple to blue.”  (*eyebrow wiggle* it’s got purple in it!)

A Mermaid’s Tale is “a deep teal with a soft purple shimmer.”  (Again with the purple :D)

So now that you’ve seen more in depth what I got from Elixir Lacquers, I know you’re wondering where to get your own (cause you most definitely can’t have mine, lol!).  They can be purchased in Elixir Lacquers’ online shop.  I hope to have these all swatched and posted for early next week.

Which is your favourite from these bottle pictures?  Do you have any of these colours?


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