NOTD: Julep Felicity

Happy Sunday everyone!  By show of hands, who is ready to go back to work tomorrow?!  … Yeah, me neither 😛
I thought I would try out Julep Felicity by herself today rather than using her to create an antuqied look over other polish.
Julep describes Felicity as a yellow-gold metallic chrome, and they are right on the money with that one!

Natural Light, without flash

Natural Light, with flash

This is a beautiful gold colour 😀  With the flash it looks like Crayola’s version of “golden rod” with a shimmer 😀  I think this colour will be perfect for Christmas manicures (only 19 weeks and 2 days till the big day!!) and stamping 🙂
Did you get this colour in your August Julep Maven Box?  What do you think of it?

2 thoughts on “NOTD: Julep Felicity

  1. Aleksandra — I love Felicity! She definitely applied flawlessly. Just looking at it again now and there are very minimal brush strokes, you really have to look to find them 😀

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