NOTD: Essie Merino Cool

Hey everyone!  (I really need to come up with a more exciting greeting, lol!)  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
I have for you today Essie Merino Cool.  I’m not sure what that means.  I even looked up “merino” and this is the definition:
merino [muhree-noh]  noun, plural merinos, adjective
  1. (often inital capital letter) one of a breed of sheep, raised originally in Spain, valued for their fine wool.
  2. wool from such sheep.
  3. a yarn or fabric made from this wool.
    4.  made of merino wool, yarn or cloth.
So then I was intrigued as to how this nail polish came about this name… is the wool of this breed of sheep purple??  so I Google-Image’d it, and this is what I found:

They’re kinda cute 😀  Though I still don’t understand where the name came from for this colour…
Anyways, onto the polish 😀  Please excuse the bald spots, I should have done 3 coats 😦
Natural Light, with flash

Natural Light, without flash

Then I thought “I wonder what this would look like mattefied” so I tried it 😀  I really love the look of this.  I used Essie Matte About You over top and it turned this beautiful purple/grey colour into a velvety dream!
Natural Light, with flash

Natural Light, without flash

What do you guys think of this colour?  Do you like the matte polish look?

8 thoughts on “NOTD: Essie Merino Cool

  1. Thanks 🙂 It was one of those colours I picked while wandering through WalMart and it appealed to me because it looked purple 🙂 I wasn't expecting the grey undertones of it.
    And yes, Essie Matte About You is awesome — I haven't used another matte top coat, but I don't need to try another one because this one is perfect in my books 😀 Although it sounds like we will be getting one from Julep soon.
    And I thought the picture of the Merino sheep would be a cute addition! They remind me of Shar Pei dogs, but in a sheep variety 😀 And they look HUGE!

  2. Essie is my brand! I love it, its my fav, non indie brand and the brand I own the most of. I like this color but with the matte on top, WOW!! really makes a huge difference!! I love matte polishes. I searched everywhere in Canada for the essie matte top coat but didnt find it anywhere:( Had to get someone from the states to ship me the NYC one.

  3. I love Essie too, I love the bottles (my OCD typed that 😉 ). I used the Essie Matte About You top coat, I ordered it a while back from Nail Polish Canada. I think you really have to watch for it, I think it sells pretty fast! If you ever place an order on there and want to try it out, make sure to get it 🙂

  4. I need a matte top coat. I don't own any of them. Will have to see which brands I can find. Have you tried the Hard Candy matte top coat? I see it sometimes here but don't want to waste money on one that isn't really good.

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