August Julep Maven Box

It’s HERE!  My August Julep Maven Box is here!  I’m so excited to show you this, I’m excited for these colours 😀
Julep released metallic and chrome colours this month, as you got a sneak peak of in my August Maven Box Add-Ons page.  Let’s see what I opened 🙂

Julep was celebrating their 1 year anniversary/birthday for the August Maven Box, so we got to celebrate with them!

Everything was wrapped in this lovely reusable bag, Julep’s gift to all the Mavens in celebration of their 1 year anniversary! 🙂
I went with the Classic With a Twist Maven Box for August, so I got Felicity and Alfre, again because I’m a sucker for purples 😀  Felicity is described as a yellow-gold metallic chrome, and Alfre is described as a royal metropolitan purple with a hint of shimmer.

Julep also introduced their new nail polish remover that is moisturizing and acetone free.  I was excited to try this because it’s in one of those fancy schmancy pump bottles (again I live a sheltered life, lol).  This remover works pretty well, and it smells wonderful.  I don’t know that I would be willing to pay for it (even with the 20% Maven discount) when I can get twice as much Sally Hansen acetone remover at WalMart for about half the price.  But the bottle is refillable, so I can always buy other remover and still use the pump bottle 😀
So of course I chose Alfre for my first colour to try from this box.  I love how this looks, even though it’s an “older” colour in the Julep collection.  It’s not a bright grape purple, it’s a beautiful grey/silver-ish purple that is pretty neutral even though it’s a darker colour.

What do you think of these colours?  What August Julep Maven Box did you get?  What was your favourite product and/or colour from the August Julep Maven Box?

5 thoughts on “August Julep Maven Box

  1. I got It Girl this month but that is what I choose every single month but my bf is buying the Boho Glam & this box tomorrow because I am a sucker for blues and purples especially purples, Alfre is so beautiful on you, hope it looks this good on me 🙂

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