NOTD: Sally Hansen Endless Claret

Sunday evening.. that means the weekend is over and back to work tomorrow.. *sigh*  Oh well, for most Canadians, next weekend is the Civic Holiday weekend and we don’t have to work on the Monday!  😀
Tonight I have for you Sally Hansen’s Endless Claret.  This polish claims to be a 10 day no chip polish, but to be honest, I probably won’t have it on long enough to test that out 😉  What I like about this colour is that it was complete coverage in 1 coat (I did 2 just to make it a more solid colour), and it’s quite Christmasy 😀

This is one of my oldest polishes and it’s still in a perfect application state 🙂  It is slightly shimmery/metallic so there are very slightly visible brush strokes.  This polish is very shiny, even without a topcoat, but these photos all have Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat applied overtop.
Even though this is a bold red colour, it’s pretty “toned down” and “normal” compared to what I have been wearing in the recent months 🙂
What do you think of this beautiful red colour?
*Update* — 15 hours after painting my nails, and there is already a chip! :O  Guess this isn’t 10 Day No Chip polish 😦

I know it’s only a baby one, but it claims no chips for 10 days and any chip, big or small, is still a chip in my books.  I haven’t even been hard on my nails today 😦  I work at a computer all day at work, but this is my thumb on my right hand, on the inside (finger side) so it’s not even the side that hits the space bar.  There are no chips on any other nails as of yet though.

4 thoughts on “NOTD: Sally Hansen Endless Claret

  1. Thanks 🙂 I don't even know how old it is, I tried looking it up so I could put it in my post, but all I could find were people trying to sell bottles of it, lol! I want to say I've had it for… about 10 years, maybe a little less.

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